Watching you leave


This, I wrote for my best friend soon after she left school. I think this is a good one to start with. Do enjoy.

watching you leave is like watching a person kissed by a dementor. It’s sad yet nothing can be done about it. You’ve been a part of me, a part of my life, no matter how much we fought over things, no matter how much we argued about Justin Bieber. The moments I shared with you are the moments I really cherish… we lived in a dream world, but as you know dreams always come to an end. You have to wake up someday. Those little smiles we would give each other when someone passed us unnoticed. The way you stopped me when I was headed for the worse. The way we laughed gleefully when we had finally figured out that our hypothesis was wrong. I miss those moments. Without you, those things will never happen again. As we learnt in psychology today, no two people are alike. Respect the person for their unique characteristic. Why I’m writing this for you is for more than pure respect. It’s for making my life complete. Not turning me into a nerd. Not making me too playful. Balancing my life, telling me this I lack and that I overdo. You will never know how much you’ve taught me. The best lessons of my life I’ve learnt it from a person who had no thought of teaching. Thank you. Distances may put us apart but memories will never die off, unlinke those witty dreams…