The picture

This is about a little thing that happened in class. Our class was working on a little scrap book to present our class teacher and I selected the photos to be printed. The picture I selected of “Jake” AKA “Baby” (I haven’t mentioned the real names in case I get strangled) was a really lame one. And I loved the way he accepted it.


She feared that they’d shout at her, tell her off for putting their photos. But that was just the photo she would appreciate – their natural sense, them being themselves… trying to act “cool” and of course, failling miserably. That was exactly what she wanted. To make her smile, and laugh about her students’ vain attempts. Full of forebording she clutched the book close to her as she entered the class. They skimmed through the pages with ice block cold eyes and stopped dead on that which held the photo of Jake. They scanned the page for a few moments and said “baby” … she grimmaced wondering what to expect next. Would they tear away the page? would they wreck the whole book? Would they say she was nothing  better than a rude ungrateful creature – but she was going through all the pain, working on the book instead of studying for the exam the next day on behalf of her friends… she feared  this moment. what would they say? …. slowly, Jake moved his large shoulders as he approached her to look at what his whole class was pouring over. He looked suprissed… turned slowly to her and said in a calm voice with a neutral tone, “where did you get this photo from?” … she took a few steps backwards and said slowly “the… umm.. bio exebition thing – at the university – we went -err..” He smiled broadly and said “dude, thank you! I know this picture didn’t turn out well but that’s just me being myself. Thank you. Very, very much.” She sighed relief knowing that they would all henceforth work with her.


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