Walking in his footsteps

I walk in my grandfather’s footsteps.

I want to be there. Stuck in that moment forever… when he stretched out his arms before us and spoke in his tedious voice. Teaching us with every word he spoke, bringing up an untold discipline and marvelling us with whatever he had to say. When in all my innocence I asked him once to promise to stay with me forever he smiled, took my face in his hands and spoke to me, “I’m sorry but I can’t stay with you forever. You see there, you’ve got a long way to go. Your future is bright… you’re still very young. Look at me. I’m old and weak and I can barely walk around  the garden. It’s time I have a rest. I’ll leave you soon but you should make sure to walk in my pathway. Don’t let the footsteps dry. I leave it to you.” With those words he left me. I walk in his footsteps, the others don’t. It doesn’t matter… I won’t let the footsteps dry.


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