The moment would eventually pass…

It hurts to know that someone heading for trouble… but it hurts even more when you know trying to help them out will only make that invisible line closer…

She knew we would accept her anytime, anywhere and that is what gave her confidence. She knew she could do whatever and all she would need is a charming, heart – warming smile to get an appology. What gives her confidence is what makes me worried. I’m not worried about my weakness, but what I’m actually worried about is her future. She’s Just finiding oppurtunities to spoil, to mar, to destroy her future. It’s killing her… from the inside, and from the outside. She’s got into believing that a charming smile and a few dramatic stage skills she can capture the world. Of course, she can capture the world but that won’t last forever. For a moment the world might spin around and glittering eyes may look at her… but when they realise her real self, or when she runs dry of ideas, the world would turn back on her. Just forget her and then she’ll realise her mistake. But it’ll be too late… Then she’d come back to us… shed a few tears and she knows we’ll welcome her again. But that’ll work for a few years… everything has an optimum point. Then even hope will denature. When our hope denatures, she’ll realise the truth. It’ll be pathetic. I’ll shed silent tears. I’ll cry for her. I’ll wish for the old memories. I’ll want to turn back and run… but, it’ll be too late. If I try to save her, she might get into more trouble. All I will be able to do is to wish. To pray. To hope. The moment would eventually pass…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Devmini
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 05:49:46

    Using terms in biology is effectively done (like enzyme,optimum nd denature)
    Intresting but truly sad !!


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