Touch me once

This is for the person inside her… not for who I see

Touch me once. Just touch me once to show that you’re alive. Tell me that you can feel, feel the warmth of my fingertips. Tell me that it was all a bad dream. Tell me things wouldn’t be the same.
Touch me, touch me with your long fingers. Let your nails dig into my palm, just tell me that you’re alive. Cause pain and ask me to forgive you. Punch me and run away… just tell me that you’re alive.
Tell me that you smell your childhood, touch me and tell me. Hit me on purpose or pretend it to be an accident… just hit me. Tell me that you’re solid, that you can hold a batton.
Touch me once, just once. Give me an electric shock… go upto 150V, don’t kill me. Because once I get the shock I will know that you’re alive and I would want to live forever more.
Right now, I can see you, I can hear you, but I can’t feel your presence. I can only feel coldness… the coldness of your soul. It’s so strong that it penetrates into my own soul. I just want you to touch me, create pain or do whatever… just to tell me that the perons inside you is still alive.