Err… excuse me? Can somebody explain?

Right then what I wanted the most was for someone to come and explain what was going on… and then let me hear “their part of the story”. But I’m not forgetting to mention a huge THANK YOU to all those who stood by me by word, by tears or by presence to help me stand up to a story that didn’t make sense to me…


You have heard a lot about that day… about what they saw. But no one really heard what I was feeling like when all those people were trying to jam in something that didn’t make any sense into my mind. They were all trying to say something… it seemed to coincide but I couldn’t make any sense of it all. They were all trying to be the first person to let me know that they never believed in her. But who? I could only guess. People were speaking to me as if I knew what they were speaking about. It was actually frustrating how they expected me to know everything. When I asked them they just laughed and said “you know who”. But who on Earth was “You know who”? Who had caused a problem good enough to make so many people die to tell me their point of view. People I had never spoken to, I’ve never bothered to turn back and look, were all surrounding me and raising their voice just to let me hear “their part of the story”. But what story were they speaking about? It made absolutely no sense to me. So I waited until someone would come and explain it in full for me…


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