Who you are

This is exactly what happened today in the Chemistry lab. To see my friends hurt is something that hurts me the most.

He’s my friend. I’ve been with him when he was lost and when he was scared. He’s been counting on me for having fun… so what really happened today?
My hyperactive friend who many mock at has always been perfectly good to me. Today he wasn’t normal, he wan’t hyper, he wasn’t even running around the chemistry lab which says something. I learned it was all beacause of a small problem. He was sitting alone and speaking to me about girls. He wanted advice about them and he smiled but that smile was just a portrait smile. His eyes showed the pain, his feelings. He was betrayed, thrown rocks at and trampled. I tried to speak him out of it but he refused to listen… he called himself a loser and was sitting there all to himself. He wasn’t himself at all. He was just a completely new, silent, unbelievable person… I didn’t like it – not a single bit. If anyone was daring to change my friend into something he’s not I would stand in their way. All my other friends were trying to help too but what I told him affected other people more than the betrayed person itself – “<name>, you’ll never know how many people love you for who you are… and how many people hate you for who you’ve become. Please, don’t let anyone change you…” I watched the expression on each face changing… Suddenly I turned the other way around… and wiped that tear making its way down my cheek…


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    Oct 24, 2011 @ 09:50:10

    This really brings tears to our eyes! Do i know who this is?


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