The elements of beauty

In the way I see it…

All fairy tales start with the beautiful girl being evil and the less beautiful girl being the good one. I don’t agree…
Every girl with a good heart is beautiful. Being beautiful is not being fair, having long hair or having a slim body. Beauty is actually having eyes that reflect your words, ears that hear with patience and a heart that heals another person’s sorrow.
Beauty, just like energy cannot be created or destroyed. It just changes from one form to another: speaking to the sick is beautiful, smiling at a heart broken person is beautiful, and standing by a lone person is beautiful.
These are the things that make you beautiful. Not make-up, not glittery dresses and surely not the world’s most expensive costume jewelery.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ravindra00u
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 11:05:45

    Totally agree with you! Nobody really thinks about beuty in this way though!


  2. ravindra00
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 11:06:30

    totally agree with you. But nobody thinks of beuty in this way!


  3. shazmina
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 13:38:28

    i too do !!!!!


  4. shazixxx
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 13:39:36

    i too do !!!


  5. Sasanka
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 16:40:26

    I agree with you. I used to tell my best friend “don’t go for looks”. But ironically I myself do the same sometimes. Thanx for bringing forth the truth once again.


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