Two Unlikely Friends

Sometimes you meet a friend and then realise that you could have been friends a long time ago. This is a true incident which brought a very beautiful friendship between me and “Megan”. You might notice some similarities between real-life people and the descriptions I’ve written… well, it true 🙂 Enjoy, I’m still a beginner!

It was the annual science exhibition and this year our batch took total responsibility to make a real-life sized model of the five biomes. I was in charge of the Rainforest and my friend Megan was in charge of the Savanna region. The boys in my team and I broke into the forest just beyond the borders of our school and we were bringing a humongous rotten old tree bark into the school. The teachers were impressed but some of our classmates were making fun of us… I smiled and tried to keep the rest of my team focussed on our task and not get into a fight. They have annoyingly hot tempers. We got a break after setting the log and went to where our bags were to have tea. The teachers spoke to me about our plan and then Megan came to seek some advice on her own section from the teachers. I said Hi to her and asked how her progress was. We spoke for no longer than a few minutes. I figured out that she wasn’t all too happy with her team but I couldn’t inquire more about it since I had to complete my own task.

It turned out that Megan was also staying afterschool to keep up with the time. Of course it wasn’t compulsory for every one of us to stay but some of us determined people stayed. Megan, me, Zion and Mac ran out of goods for our projects so we decided to have a little friendly chat while Jake could get down the things for us. That was the first time we all had a chat together. I knew pretty much all of them – they were all cool. Megan was not so outgoing but a well recognised swimmer. She represented the country at many events, even the South Asian Games. Zion and Mac, mathletes, nerds and best friends, hardly spotted outside the class but  definitely some of the most determined people I’ve met. Mac was very optimistic while Zion was kind of shy.So overall, the four of us had very similar character traits – rather shy, not so outgoing and definitely not the party animals.

I got my water bottle from my bag and walked over to the Rainforest which was not progressing well and sat on the muddy log, not minding the dirt only because I already looked a total mess. Megan followed me but stood instead since her dress wasn’t as dirty as mine. She didn’t have much of mud to deal with in the savanna region.
“It’s just the four of us right? It doesn’t matter, we will complete it in the end” I said.
She wiped her face with the back of her hand and finally sat on the floor, “yeah, pretty much the four of us. Doesn’t matter – it really doesn’t matter…”
And then we started to speak about very random things. We tried to guess each others secret ambitions, tried to speak the truth about things we would never understand and we tried to get to know each other. We succeeded, bridging a strong friendship which was meant to have started a long time ago.


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Behind The Battered Old Notice Board

This thing just happened in my head even though the people and places were very accurate. The floor where the year 7 classes are, and where the physics lab is… and where there WAS a battered old notice board with very old notices (now it’s all cleaned and holds fresh notices)... this might never happen in real life but in my head the story goes on…

She walked pass him with a smirk on her face. He looked at her with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. Soon he jammed his hands into his pockets and brought his lips back together to whistle a tune. His best friend punched him on the shoulder and said “Dude, get off of it! She’s never gonna like you.”
He shook off his friends off his shoulder and said “Go away!” and walked away himself.

That’s when he saw me watching him. He approached me: “What? Why are you looking?”
I looked down and said “I’m sorry for you”.
He smiled a painful smile, “That’s alright, I’m a loser”
I looked at him with  threatening eyes and said “Don’t say that! You are NOT a loser!”

He took a few steps away from me and I followed him. “Mind walking with me to the notice board?”
He loosened his bag, “Oh sure, I’d love to”
We walked side by side along the corridor until we were out of the hawk-eyed region of our classmates.

We entered the 7th grade floor just when he stopped in his tracks. “Oh crap! That’s Lean right? Oh no! He’s seen me walking with you!”
I smiled and continued to walk, he just followed without another word.

We peeped into classes and a lot of them waved or smiled at us. Finally we reached the battered old notice board which had only one notice, which was a year old. “Why did you want to come here? There’s nothing!” He said.
I faced him and said “Or so you think. Let’s hope there’s something interesting today. Watch this.”
I slowly took off a pin holding the old notice and found what I was looking for: a little white folded paper.

I gave the paper to him and asked him to read it aloud and he followed my order like a little lost puppy,
“Hey LSGMH! I did as you told! I followed my dreams and now it’s all fine. ‘D’ has nothing to peck me about now. I won’t change – never – you were right! For no one. I owe my entire life to you… BG”
He stared at me with an element of surprise in his eyes: “Wait! You’re not saying that YOU are the reason people talk about, are you? Oh – my – The secret LSH something! Wow! You’re incredible!”
I smiled for the umpteenth time and said, “ok, hush now! Let’s keep it a secret. Would you like to be the LSBMH? You know, some people ask me about math … and you know, I really don’t know what to say to them”

Still smiling, he pinned the notice back on, turned to me and said, “Great! You’re wonderful! I’d love to write to them about all the math and astrophysics I’ve been reading!… but before we proceed any further can you tell me what those letter LSH or whatever stand for?”
I told him, “We’ve got all the time in the world for that but since you asked, well, it stands for Little Shy Girl Made Happy. Henceforth, you’ll be the Little Shy Boy! You like it?”
“I love it!” he literally screamed, “12th girl and little shy kids – perfect! That’s why they never took down this notice board? The school doesn’t know who’s behind all this, do they?”
“No one does, besides you – ” I started but he interrupted,
“-and anyone who reads your blog – please, could you post what happened today on your blog? I’ve actually found something better to do instead of peeping at that girl between each class. Please, update your blog today!”
I smiled wider than ever before: “On your request. LSKMH FTW! Let the ‘K’ be for kids”

And then we walked back to where the rest of our class stood, outside the physics lab as if nothing  at all had happened.

Hold on, I’m coming…

When I say “cousin” it could mean anyone… but you probably guessed already.

It hurts but it’s the pain that keeps me going. Everytime I see you walk around with your bunch of “cool” friends, it feels like an icy knife has been stabbed right into my heart. But like I always told you, I can’t survive without you, and even that pain helps me because it makes me aware of the fact that I’ve got a cousin.
Do you realise your mistake?
When I told you my idea and the truth three years ago, you scolded me. You told me I was a liar. Do you realise now that you were wrong? Or are you still calling me a liar? When you said that, I could have run away, could have stopped my efforts, but… did I? No. Only because I love you as much as I loved you on the day I met you.
When you still had a chance, you picked them for the truth – the result: now. You’re in the dark. They’ve abandoned you… you want to step out of the cold, but you can’t.
If you had turned back a minute ago, or even a second ago you might have realised your mistake.
They say “you’ve got to get into the dirt to pull out the last buried bit of garbage”… It’s true, I know… but I accept it. You aren’t here to stop me now from saving you this time. Hold on, I’m coming…

Life is only as hard as you make it

This was a sudden idea I got when I was already late for school… I scribbled it down anyway.

“Life” is just a word – it doesn’t have any meaning. Similar to the word “soul”… inanimate yet mysteriously important.
If it’s a word and it’s got no meaning then why shouldn’t it be the way we want it to be? We’ve got everything it takes to give it our own meaning…
If you make your life worth living, then that’d be the meaning of “life”. If you make it one where you need to be hiding, then that would be the one.
So don’t fall for what others say,their definition of life is only theirs, and there is no reason what so ever to make it yours.
Make a wise choice and and choose the right definition of life… because life, is only as hard as you make it.

Great minds think alike?

Today is 11-11-11 and only 12 out of 22 were present in the physics class. As the boys and the teacher spoke about movies I was bored so I started to look at the others in class. In a corner I saw these three friends of mine speaking about something… so I just made up the rest of the story.

In a cold classroom this unpredictable thing happens. With only twelve out of twenty-two students present in class, the teacher speaks about movies and half the class listens. One boy sleeps, another writes, Drake and I are speaking, and in the very corner are three boys with bent heads speaking in rushed whispers.
The tallest among them raises his head to look at the teacher, he ignores them. No one would even imagine that three most unlikely studious prefects would be working on an unherhand plot.
I watch them as I write this. The short guy who is currently under the impression that a girl likes him is smiling for the first time in ages. Something must be really going on – he never smiles. The “young genius” would otherwise always be wrecking his mind for some stupid reason.
Then there’s this optimistic guy. Spectacled and hawk-eyed, he watches the rest of the class. Our eyes meet, I think he noticed me watching them. I smile and look down, he goes back to their serious conversation.
The teacher goes out of the class, the tallest guy stands up. He is socially awkward – “OK guys – and err… girl, Today is 11-11-11 … You know, right? So… umm… for a change, we decided to cross our lines – Mac, Frank – bring on the water balloons! Let’s have the Water Splash!”
I sighed relief… when great minds get together, this is what happens?

They held your heart…

This, I wrote some time back… all that I wanted to say is that don’t blame those who’ve created scars in your heart… because at one point they were the ones closest to you – those who held your heart in their hands…

You see a lot of faces in life and most of them turn out to be people… something more than mere faces. Sometimes some people become closer to you than when you first met them… they become friends. You get many friends in life – good, bad, evil, joyous, happy, sad, the list goes on. Some friends leave with time, some stay for long. Some were meant to last forever but leave faster than you expect…
From all these friends, you pick one – your best friend, your boyfriend, your girl friend. They touch your heart. Well… in fact, many people touch your heart, sometimes, shockingly people you haven’t spoken to can touch your heart. Move you. Inspire you. But in a different way. Some friends break your heart or create scars in your heart. Wound it permanently. There’s no remedy, no cure. The more you see them or speak to them, the cut gets deeper and deeper. Those are the people who’ve really been close to you. Very, very close. Close enough to capture your heart, break it and crush it. Many can touch your heart but only a very few can move close enough to make scars.

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