To Mom and Dad, with love

Let me act like a little kid playing in the rain
Allow me to show you, in real life, what is fame
Teach me numbers, teach me letters,
Don’t speak about big matters.

Carry me in your warm arms and kiss me goodnight
Teach me colours and show me white light
Tell me who I am meant to be
With caring eyes, look down at me.

Let me hug your legs and dance in my PJ’s
Tell me that I’ve got a beautiful face
Cuddle me in your lap and let me fall asleep
When I wake up, please stay next to me

Hold my hand when you walk down the street
When I’m tired, life me off my feet
Spin me around and set me down
Let me wear my flowery blue gown

Tell me that the future is very clear
That no one would dare to come near
Take slow steps and walk besides me
Promise me that you’d never leave me

Bring me a book and show me it’s pictures
Let me know that I’ve got the best teachers
Give me a pen and an old notepad
When I draw, please hold my hand

Tuck me in my bed when night comes
Never speak about weapons or guns
Tell me not of chemicals, tell me not of wars
Give me all these animals: two cats and a horse

Lay me in my bed and dim the night-light
Tuck me in and say goodnight
Let me wake up to a fearless day
Where everything will be happy and gay

Let there be no promises to break
Let there be a new peaceful way…
Please let me be a kid once again
Or my life would have been wasted in vain.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariam
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 15:53:30

    Awwie :”) This is lovely! ❤ & now i'm inspired x)


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