Hold on, I’m coming…

When I say “cousin” it could mean anyone… but you probably guessed already.

It hurts but it’s the pain that keeps me going. Everytime I see you walk around with your bunch of “cool” friends, it feels like an icy knife has been stabbed right into my heart. But like I always told you, I can’t survive without you, and even that pain helps me because it makes me aware of the fact that I’ve got a cousin.
Do you realise your mistake?
When I told you my idea and the truth three years ago, you scolded me. You told me I was a liar. Do you realise now that you were wrong? Or are you still calling me a liar? When you said that, I could have run away, could have stopped my efforts, but… did I? No. Only because I love you as much as I loved you on the day I met you.
When you still had a chance, you picked them for the truth – the result: now. You’re in the dark. They’ve abandoned you… you want to step out of the cold, but you can’t.
If you had turned back a minute ago, or even a second ago you might have realised your mistake.
They say “you’ve got to get into the dirt to pull out the last buried bit of garbage”… It’s true, I know… but I accept it. You aren’t here to stop me now from saving you this time. Hold on, I’m coming…


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