Two Unlikely Friends

Sometimes you meet a friend and then realise that you could have been friends a long time ago. This is a true incident which brought a very beautiful friendship between me and “Megan”. You might notice some similarities between real-life people and the descriptions I’ve written… well, it true 🙂 Enjoy, I’m still a beginner!

It was the annual science exhibition and this year our batch took total responsibility to make a real-life sized model of the five biomes. I was in charge of the Rainforest and my friend Megan was in charge of the Savanna region. The boys in my team and I broke into the forest just beyond the borders of our school and we were bringing a humongous rotten old tree bark into the school. The teachers were impressed but some of our classmates were making fun of us… I smiled and tried to keep the rest of my team focussed on our task and not get into a fight. They have annoyingly hot tempers. We got a break after setting the log and went to where our bags were to have tea. The teachers spoke to me about our plan and then Megan came to seek some advice on her own section from the teachers. I said Hi to her and asked how her progress was. We spoke for no longer than a few minutes. I figured out that she wasn’t all too happy with her team but I couldn’t inquire more about it since I had to complete my own task.

It turned out that Megan was also staying afterschool to keep up with the time. Of course it wasn’t compulsory for every one of us to stay but some of us determined people stayed. Megan, me, Zion and Mac ran out of goods for our projects so we decided to have a little friendly chat while Jake could get down the things for us. That was the first time we all had a chat together. I knew pretty much all of them – they were all cool. Megan was not so outgoing but a well recognised swimmer. She represented the country at many events, even the South Asian Games. Zion and Mac, mathletes, nerds and best friends, hardly spotted outside the class but  definitely some of the most determined people I’ve met. Mac was very optimistic while Zion was kind of shy.So overall, the four of us had very similar character traits – rather shy, not so outgoing and definitely not the party animals.

I got my water bottle from my bag and walked over to the Rainforest which was not progressing well and sat on the muddy log, not minding the dirt only because I already looked a total mess. Megan followed me but stood instead since her dress wasn’t as dirty as mine. She didn’t have much of mud to deal with in the savanna region.
“It’s just the four of us right? It doesn’t matter, we will complete it in the end” I said.
She wiped her face with the back of her hand and finally sat on the floor, “yeah, pretty much the four of us. Doesn’t matter – it really doesn’t matter…”
And then we started to speak about very random things. We tried to guess each others secret ambitions, tried to speak the truth about things we would never understand and we tried to get to know each other. We succeeded, bridging a strong friendship which was meant to have started a long time ago.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ziris94
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 08:50:43

    enjoyed this very much….love how i get to know so many tidbits abt our school in such an entertaining way….your turning into Taylor Swift!!


  2. ravindra00
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 14:03:59

    Nice Writing!! And very likely the two unlikely friends!! …


  3. Nadi Salman
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 03:34:14

    Yep, I’ve read this before but couldn’t find who “Megan” was. Now I know 😀 (Y)


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