Well… to no one in particular, but to everyone of us at the same time. We’ve all got something in us that makes us pathetic 😉

Powder and make-up on her rosy cheeks,
Like a lone star in the night sky, she speaks.
Big dreams, bigger laughter, she smiles…
Unfriendly thoughts, her envious heart, she hides.

High heels and mini-skirts, she dances around.
Her gang of friends like to call mine a hound.
Cat-walking, she thinks she’s a model…
Nail polish and lipstick, she likes to cuddle.

She shrieks like a girl from a horror film
At a butterfly on her window sill.
She slams the door and runs away, she thinks it’s cool.
It’s a butterfly!* To the onlookers she’s nothing less than a fool.

Nails painted five colours, music playing loud
She doesn’t hear her mom speaking, that makes her proud.
Beads hanging off her ears, dresses the deepest pink.
She flips her hair, looks at yet another boy and winks.

Eyebrows pierced, trousers which look torn.
To be a superstar, she thinks she was born…
Too good to be born to an ordinary family,
And with me around, she’s never live happily.

A gelled fringe falling upon her face.
A bit of the ‘Better world’, she wants to taste.
Standing alone she poses for photographs
Dreaming of signing autographs.

“I should be a role model” she says,
“No tears should mar my face”…
I secretly hope she’d understand reality
As she nods at the camera with finality.

*Whoever the person who screams at a butterfly in this context has no sort of phobia what so ever towards them.


“Move on”

This is for all my friends who miss someone who was once a part of their lives. Be it brother, sister, friend or mentor.

A lot of times in our lives we face situations where we need to “move on” no matter how hard it is. It’s not as easy as it sounds – and I know it well. I know how hard it is to try and forget a person who’s easy to remember, but I’ve said it myself too: “Just move on”… So, you want to hear my inner conflict as I say these words?

When someone says to you, “move on”, “let it go” or “It’s not worth fighting for” I know how bad it feels, or at least I hope so. Somewhere in the back of your mind you know that is exactly what you should do but at the same time you refuse to accept it. You have a feeling like you could win the race, but you also know it’s like playing tennis against Roger Frederer, or saying to a million people that Taylor Swift doesn’t deserve an award, or trying to kill Voldermort single handed. What are the chances? Maybe one is a million… but you still hold on to it.

I believe it’s human nature. People say “keep believing and you’ll succeed” – yes, that’s true in some places but not where I’m talking about. You can’t expect your childhood best friend to stand at your doorstep completely innocent after he’s turned into a murderer, serial killer and a thug. You just can’t. That’s the kind of place where you need to move on that I’m talking about.

Those who ponder on one moment of their life where everything went wrong aren’t foolish. They’re just strong enough to hope it was all a nightmare. It hurts when someone asks you to let go of the one thing that you’ve been holding on to, but once again, truth hurts. It’s easier said than done. It’s like trying to bring back the dead – we all wish we could but we also know that we can’t.

It’s a kind of dilemma you face – the answer is obvious, that things aren’t going to change, but making the decision to let go is so difficult. Everyone of us have faced it – sometimes some people just pretend not to have.
So – if you’ve got someone on your mind you wish was back but you know will not be… then I think it’s time for you to “move on”. If they were worth coming back (I’m not referring to the dead), they would. They definitely would.
And as a last note, I’m really very sorry if I kindled your thoughts.

Strong, Brave, Smart

Who am I to tell this, right? Oh well… it doesn’t matter. Let me know what you think.

For every person you try to impress by pushing someone else around, a thousand people are hating you. It doesn’t make you look bigger – it makes you look stupid and unworthy. If it’s someone you’re trying to impress, why bother pushing someone else around? If you deserve it, you’d get it. You can’t earn chances, you can only get them.

Slapping someone doesn’t make you look stronger either… because “a man might have the strength of a tiger and still be a coward”. By doing that you are only increasing the suspicions of you being a coward. A person with a strong inside would never try to show it by beating someone else.

A person who hides their tears is not brave. A brave person is one who accepts that he is able to shed tears for his loved ones. He would smile through the tears even if it takes all the energy he possesses. Those who smile the most aren’t always the happiest… they smile because they cannot afford to let go of a single chance they get. Remember, it’s not easy to get chances.

When you try to cut someone down with words, you might not realise it but the onlookers understand. It doesn’t mean you’re better, bigger or smarter – it means that you are not able to accept defeat. Those who don’t accept defeat never succeed… they would always feel victory when in real life they’ve never won. Skill of speaking is treasured around the world but only if used wisely. Use it to make someone feel better, use it to appologise for your mistakes – Afterall, you’ve been gifted with something a lot of people lack… Make the best out of it.

Be strong, be brave, be smart – you’d be loved.

Through his eyes…

His deep brown eyes cross mine…
Markings around them say that he’s been crying.
He looks away to avoid my eyes
And I start to wonder, back then, how things were nice…

He hides himself behind his Chemistry book
Aware that I would stare at him the moment he looked.
I would not for the world let those tears mar his face…
Gone are him beauty, his courage, his grace.

He thinks it’s too late for things to change,
Nostalgic memories of how they danced in the rain.
His dear sister is irreplaceable, he says
Gone are those beautiful, beautiful days.

He wishes he’d see her sweet face sometime soon
The day he’d hug her when he gets back home…
Finally he turns, looks and smiles at me,
Somewhere deep inside, he sees his little sister in me.

There was a time…

My best friend and I had to go our own ways after 5 years of unbelievable friendship… but that doesn’t mean one thing about our friendship back then and now. This is for you, BFF 🙂
PS: It’s NOT a poem.

There was a time when a Math unit test was the scariest thing that could ever happen to us.
There was a time when getting late to the English class meant death.
There was a time when a geography presentation meant a presidential election.
There was a time when we used code names for people around us.
There was a time when we drew cartoon faces of our classmates and they loved it.
There was a time when we worked secretly on a scrap book for our class teacher.
There was a time when we couldn’t believe what we saw, THE video.
There was a time when your little smile was all it took to brighten up my day…
And there was a time indeed when we used to say goodbye after school, just until we see each other the next day.

Till The Very End

He’s 7 years younger than me. I used to be his favorite girl. He used to hug my legs and speak in a language no one else understood. The last thing he told me was that he’d love me till the very end. Sealed with love for a boy who might have forgotten his last words as he grew up.

The wetness of your last kiss still lingers on my cheek…
Do you remember how we used to play ‘hide and seek’?
Would you still run to me when you see me?
Would you still run, stop, turn back and wait for me?

Your rosy cheeks still paint my world…
Is your sister better now, or am I still your girl?
You’d pick up the phone and make up your own words,
A language they never understood, very bizarre words.

You used to hide behind a tree and pretend to be lost,
You asked innocently, “would we ever see frost?”
I used to flatten your hair and chase after you…
One day, you saw a giant ant and asked me to move.

You used to be afraid of firecrackers,
I smiled when you asked if your friends were slackers
Do your ears still turn red when you run?
With your batman friend, do you still have fun?

I suggested your costume for your fancy dress parade,
You asked me that day how clothes were made.
Didn’t you win the first place among all your friends?
Didn’t you tell me then, you’d love me till the very end?

You are my Superman

To me, my dad will always be my Superman… and to him, I would always be his little princess…
This is to my two friends who’ve got their fathers working, trying to save the lives of others… and to my other friend who’s dad is paralyzed, restricting him from flying happy faces from country to country

I still feel your presence, your smile above my head
“Everything fine, baby girl?” every time I cry you said
You pull me into a huge hug every morning before school
You’ve taught me through the ages, what is and isn’t cool.

You took me on piggy-back rides
Every night after work with tired eyes
You can carry me with just one hand,
Dad, you are my superman…

With every smile, every kiss you used to say:
“Little girl, I’d go but I won’t return one day”
And every time I wiped away the tears you would say:
“But I want you to smile and be proud of your dad on that day”…

Time has gone by and that day has arrived
Everything is quiet, the bad news just arrived…
Your little princess waits here praying
That it was all a nightmare, all just another game.

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