The Physics Experiment

The real conversation was a whole lot different. I can’t write the real thing here because of the obvious reason, it’s meant to be a secret. Thank you, boy with the very physics related name, for letting me and “Stella” know your story.

Students of 12c had physics and so we rushed to the physics lab and occupied our usual seats. The teacher grouped us to do an experiment and the only two girls in class, myself and Stella were grouped with Velocity-boy, his nickname for his very physics related real name.

Stella and I had spoken to him but not a serious note, so this was kind of a get-to-know. We were handed a thin piece of glass. Since we weren’t told what to do yet the three of us took turns to examine it and pass it among ourselves in the high table.

“So…” I said, “Velocity-boy, anything special going on?”
“No, but look, you guys, I need to tell you something. Promise me you wouldn’t tell anyone?” he said in his bizarre but beautiful accent.
Stella and I looked at each other and getting the cue from her I nodded. Our physics teacher appeared behind us and gave us a vernier caliper, smiled mockingly at the three of us and said “I guess you know what to do. I want your reports on this experiment by Monday.”

The moment her left Stella asked, “you think he heard us?”
“No, he didn’t” I said, adjusting the vernier caliper to fit the glass into it.
Velocity-boy bent his head and we followed: “There is someone here who doesn’t like your friendship. Be aware of the fact that he’s watching the two of you right now.”
“What?” I said, “Someone wants to kill Stella? Could you speak a little louder please?”
Stella who hadn’t even understood as much as I had, just nodded.
He repeated: “There is a boy in this class who doesn’t like the two of you together”
“Why? Who? And WHAT?” I asked him.

Our physics sir asked us if we had taken our first reading so we hurriedly measured the width of the glass. I jotted the measurement and asked, “Are you talking about-”
“Shhh!!! He might hear, let me write down his name” he said.
Stella and I read the name and she gasped. I had thought as much.
“Why do you have to make this look like Hagrid talking about Voldermort to Harry?” I asked and laughed lightly.
“But, do you think it’s possible? I thought I trusted him!” Stella said almost in the verge of tears.

“Aren’t you guys going to ask me how I got to know this? I hate the guy!” Velocity-boy said and took another measurement, “There’s a zero error! Didn’t you double-check? Vernier calipers have a high chance of zero errors!”
I rolled my eyes and thought back on his earlier words, “The only reason I can think of is because he doesn’t want me to know what he asks Stella.”
Stella finally came back to her senses to say, “And I thought he was just being nice and all that!”
Velocity-boy smiled and told me, “He has a crush on you… he threatened to hack my account if I told you what I had found out. Too bad I don’t use my e-mail or facebook accounts.”

I didn’t reply, nor did Stella. I let Stella take the measurements while I was running the whole thing in my head again and again. I took my time to reply and he didn’t interrupt me: “He’s such a loser! For more than one reason. First, he wants me to fall for him when he’s been tricking Stella all this time. Second thing, he threatened to hack your account. Third, HE’S A PRETENDER.”
Velocity-boy and I looked at each other properly for the first time since he joined school. Finally I asked the question that was in my mind from the time he related his finding to me, “And what made you trust me and Stella?” I asked.
He smiled shyly again and said, “You guys have very trustable faces.”

The bell for break rang abruptly stopping our secret conversation.
“I’m sorry” he said.
I said as I packed my bag, “You don’t have to be, Thank you!” and Stella, still struck by the muse nodded.
“Bye! See you guys around!” He said and left.
The rest of the class was staring at us, waiting for us to return our apparatus.
Stella and I walked to the teacher’s table and I handed over the calipier and the glass. I felt a rush of gratitude towards my teacher. He had done far more than grouping us for a physics experiment.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dullari
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 14:57:08

    I don’t get it..have u changed what really happened? and why did bimsara say I am stella? I am confused. :/


    • littleshygirlmadehappy
      Jan 28, 2012 @ 15:30:50

      Yes, I have changed what really happened because it was meant to be a ‘secret’… and about Stella – well, if I’m the narrator, Velocity-boy is you-know-who then who else could be Stella, in the physics class? ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Dullari
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 15:34:48

    i wasn’t in the verge of tears. o.O who tricked me have changed the story totally ๐Ÿ˜› so that doesnt make me stella at all..


  3. Dullari
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 15:51:50

    what do you mean? a heartless person? and no one tricked me…


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