“Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover”

Every bit written here is true, well except for the part of her first crush’s name… his name wasn’t our uncles, but it was different by just one letter.

Could you please take a moment, go back in time, read this and tell me what you think?
Let’s presume you agree…

Do you remember the first day we jumped up and down on our grandfather’s bed? It was fun! It had huge springs on it which projected us a few feet upwards. When we fell again we would just be bounced off again. We played together until we would too tired to have dinner…

Do you remember making those mother’s day cards in secret? We took all possible measures to hide it from my mom and yours but it seemed that we were being obvious. We loved it, didn’t we?

Do you remember how our grandfather fooled us on April first? The two of us, seventy kilometers away, woke up at five thirty in the morning looking up at the sky waiting for an air show. And then you called me and told me that it was just our grandfather trying to trick us. We stupidly tried to backfire it on him saying that there really was a airshow. Crazy, now it seems.

Do you remember sharing details of your first crush with me? You told me he looked like Harry Potter and I thought my dream was to meet someone who looked like Danielle Radcliff. We found it extremely funny when we found out his name was the same as one of our oldest uncle.

Do you remember how we made paper boats and sent them away in the rain? We used to sit in the staircase outside your house and watch the boats leave.

Do you remember the look on my face when you said you were coming to my school? I screamed, took your hand and ran around the house screaming “I can’t believe this!”

Now to think it over again, it’s really very hard to believe. I thought people “change” only in movies. I would have easily accepted this whole thing as a movie if I hadn’t known that the main character was you. Have you forgotten me? One day, would you look down from the stage and ask me who I am? Would you ask the security guards to take me away?

To avoid such things from happening, I have it all planned out. Things will eventually come to an end… when you finally succeed in hacking my e-mail account, instead of just trying to hack it please read through my mails. You might realise that I’ve got a blog named “Little Shy Girl Made Happy”… please click on the link. Read through all that I’ve written. Just read it and then tell me how much I really owe you for breaking my heart. I miss you but I’m doing really good without you, I might say even better. Thank you for showing me that looks really are deceptive… putting it in your favorite words, “Never judge a book by it’s cover” … you taught me that, and you’ve proven it as well.


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  1. Ziris
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 16:16:55

    Change is something inevitable in all of us i guess….no matter how we might think of ourselves as no different i think everybody changes. Even a little bit. it’s just how the change impacts your life that changes a course of events or relationship in this case. lol this i just what i think 🙂 i always expect change to occur in all my friends….im lucky to have some that change for the good 🙂


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