Enchanting smiles

I watched a girl from year 13 walk past the five of us as we played ‘Truth or Dare’. I could have been mistaken but I think I saw loneliness in her eyes as she looked past us… maybe, just maybe, this is how she felt at that moment.

As I walked past the chemistry lab one cold day, I spotted five year 12 students in a circle chatting lightly. I slowed down, making sure they didn’t notice my presence as I tried to catch on to what they were saying.
The girl, who seemed to be the youngest of the five said, “Truth, Bring it on!” … The four other boys put their heads together and the girl showed impatience.
“Ok” the tallest among the four said, “where would your dream birthday party be?”
The girl thought for about two seconds before she rattled off, “I know! It’d be in a forest, of course, without any leaches. There’d be a wooden cottage and a little pond. Lots of wildlife. A wooden table as well; we could lay on the floor… oh! oh! There’d also be a cute little kitten with me too!”
That was very imaginative I thought. I looked at each one of them trying to grasp them into me. Suddenly I wished I was part of them… part of the enchanting smiles painted on their faces.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. THunder
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 14:25:35

    I seem to be involved in this situation 😛


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