That ‘Jumping-up-and-down’ moment

This one, I wrote it very quickly… as soon as I faced another ‘Jumping-up-and-down’ moment. Share your special moment with me?

We all face that one moment where we jump up and down in joy… accept it. It’s that moment when you feel like everything in the world has come down to you, and that every word you speak makes a difference. It’s when you feel loved more than ever before and when you know you love all those people out there who connect to you in some way or another. A lot of people try to look ‘cool’ and pretend to be non – excitable but I know that every person, at some point or another has been as excited as I was when I read that mail from a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, or when Taylor Swift won her first Grammy, or the day my friend heard ‘Iris’ on the radio. It’s the moment when you know everything is right… when you know nothing would go wrong, when you know this is the moment you’ve been waiting for, for so long. No two people have the same jumping up and down moment – when I listened to my class teacher praise me so much, for obvious reasons I couldn’t jump up and down like a crazy person, but my heart beats were doing a definite flip-flop with every word. It’s because to me being able to make someone else feel respected is literally my ambition. To make my friends smile is what I really need to see to make me smile – so when these things happen in real life when these things really do happen it’s hard not to react like a mad person. Facing that moment once has got nothing to object to facing that moment again… history repeats itself, they say… I don’t really believe in that but these moments really do repeat themselves. We’ve just got to believe in it, and realise that all your dreams are going to come true. Walk with that in mind and you would find it…
Let’s face it, we’ve all jumped up and down in joy at some point – what was your’s?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ziris
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 16:43:07

    Hey! Really lovely post 🙂 I’ve had lots of ‘jumping up and down’ moments. and thanks for mentioning me hearing “iris” on the radio! LOLS. One moment that definitely made me jump up and down and has done so a over and over again is when roger federer does something incredible on court and i hear him shout “C’mon!” people are probably gonna think i’m crazy for that but a lot of tennis fans are going to agree with me. I i think he’s the greatest ever. I always “jump up and down” whenever he wins 🙂


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