Till The Very End

He’s 7 years younger than me. I used to be his favorite girl. He used to hug my legs and speak in a language no one else understood. The last thing he told me was that he’d love me till the very end. Sealed with love for a boy who might have forgotten his last words as he grew up.

The wetness of your last kiss still lingers on my cheek…
Do you remember how we used to play ‘hide and seek’?
Would you still run to me when you see me?
Would you still run, stop, turn back and wait for me?

Your rosy cheeks still paint my world…
Is your sister better now, or am I still your girl?
You’d pick up the phone and make up your own words,
A language they never understood, very bizarre words.

You used to hide behind a tree and pretend to be lost,
You asked innocently, “would we ever see frost?”
I used to flatten your hair and chase after you…
One day, you saw a giant ant and asked me to move.

You used to be afraid of firecrackers,
I smiled when you asked if your friends were slackers
Do your ears still turn red when you run?
With your batman friend, do you still have fun?

I suggested your costume for your fancy dress parade,
You asked me that day how clothes were made.
Didn’t you win the first place among all your friends?
Didn’t you tell me then, you’d love me till the very end?


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