You are my Superman

To me, my dad will always be my Superman… and to him, I would always be his little princess…
This is to my two friends who’ve got their fathers working, trying to save the lives of others… and to my other friend who’s dad is paralyzed, restricting him from flying happy faces from country to country

I still feel your presence, your smile above my head
“Everything fine, baby girl?” every time I cry you said
You pull me into a huge hug every morning before school
You’ve taught me through the ages, what is and isn’t cool.

You took me on piggy-back rides
Every night after work with tired eyes
You can carry me with just one hand,
Dad, you are my superman…

With every smile, every kiss you used to say:
“Little girl, I’d go but I won’t return one day”
And every time I wiped away the tears you would say:
“But I want you to smile and be proud of your dad on that day”…

Time has gone by and that day has arrived
Everything is quiet, the bad news just arrived…
Your little princess waits here praying
That it was all a nightmare, all just another game.


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