Strong, Brave, Smart

Who am I to tell this, right? Oh well… it doesn’t matter. Let me know what you think.

For every person you try to impress by pushing someone else around, a thousand people are hating you. It doesn’t make you look bigger – it makes you look stupid and unworthy. If it’s someone you’re trying to impress, why bother pushing someone else around? If you deserve it, you’d get it. You can’t earn chances, you can only get them.

Slapping someone doesn’t make you look stronger either… because “a man might have the strength of a tiger and still be a coward”. By doing that you are only increasing the suspicions of you being a coward. A person with a strong inside would never try to show it by beating someone else.

A person who hides their tears is not brave. A brave person is one who accepts that he is able to shed tears for his loved ones. He would smile through the tears even if it takes all the energy he possesses. Those who smile the most aren’t always the happiest… they smile because they cannot afford to let go of a single chance they get. Remember, it’s not easy to get chances.

When you try to cut someone down with words, you might not realise it but the onlookers understand. It doesn’t mean you’re better, bigger or smarter – it means that you are not able to accept defeat. Those who don’t accept defeat never succeed… they would always feel victory when in real life they’ve never won. Skill of speaking is treasured around the world but only if used wisely. Use it to make someone feel better, use it to appologise for your mistakes – Afterall, you’ve been gifted with something a lot of people lack… Make the best out of it.

Be strong, be brave, be smart – you’d be loved.


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