“Move on”

This is for all my friends who miss someone who was once a part of their lives. Be it brother, sister, friend or mentor.

A lot of times in our lives we face situations where we need to “move on” no matter how hard it is. It’s not as easy as it sounds – and I know it well. I know how hard it is to try and forget a person who’s easy to remember, but I’ve said it myself too: “Just move on”… So, you want to hear my inner conflict as I say these words?

When someone says to you, “move on”, “let it go” or “It’s not worth fighting for” I know how bad it feels, or at least I hope so. Somewhere in the back of your mind you know that is exactly what you should do but at the same time you refuse to accept it. You have a feeling like you could win the race, but you also know it’s like playing tennis against Roger Frederer, or saying to a million people that Taylor Swift doesn’t deserve an award, or trying to kill Voldermort single handed. What are the chances? Maybe one is a million… but you still hold on to it.

I believe it’s human nature. People say “keep believing and you’ll succeed” – yes, that’s true in some places but not where I’m talking about. You can’t expect your childhood best friend to stand at your doorstep completely innocent after he’s turned into a murderer, serial killer and a thug. You just can’t. That’s the kind of place where you need to move on that I’m talking about.

Those who ponder on one moment of their life where everything went wrong aren’t foolish. They’re just strong enough to hope it was all a nightmare. It hurts when someone asks you to let go of the one thing that you’ve been holding on to, but once again, truth hurts. It’s easier said than done. It’s like trying to bring back the dead – we all wish we could but we also know that we can’t.

It’s a kind of dilemma you face – the answer is obvious, that things aren’t going to change, but making the decision to let go is so difficult. Everyone of us have faced it – sometimes some people just pretend not to have.
So – if you’ve got someone on your mind you wish was back but you know will not be… then I think it’s time for you to “move on”. If they were worth coming back (I’m not referring to the dead), they would. They definitely would.
And as a last note, I’m really very sorry if I kindled your thoughts.


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