Captivated By The Beauty Of Our School Auditorium

Thank you so much ‘Sally’, ‘Josh’ and ‘Frank’ for letting me have a look at the auditorium!

The bell signaling the end of school for the day rung and I said more to myself than to anyone else, “Oh! I couldn’t see the auditorium!” It was the best auditorium around from what I had heard. Some people were even saying “It’s not an auditorium, it’s a stadium!” and it was standing fifty meters away from me and I hadn’t seen it yet.
I was lost in thought when I felt two individual forces pushing my school bag along with me towards the closed doors of the auditorium. When I figured out what Frank and Josh were up to I made a one-hundred-and-eighty degree turn to run away but they pulled me by my school bag and dragged me towards the door. Taking advantage when Josh used both hands to open the doors, I jerked away from them and ran the opposite direction, nearly bumping into Sally.
Looking at the expression on my face she asked me what had happened and I told her that Josh and Frank were trying to show me the auditorium because I hadn’t seen it and I was trying to discuss how much trouble we could get into for sneaking into the auditorium. Josh and Frank caught up and explained to Sally how I thought it was against the school rules to look at the auditorium. Josh was actually a little angry about my escape. I expected Sally to think along my lines but she stopped, turned to me and set her face in an expression she would often fake to say “you hurt me”. Then she grabbed my wrist and changed direction and I was left with no choice but to hurry in the direction she was steering. When we finally stopped at the main entrance to the auditorium I stuttered: “What – what if we get killed? We might get caught – we’d be asked to go to the principal’s office – what would happen?”
She laughed and said, “Really? You’re funny, Mel!”
And then I stepped into the much spoken about auditorium. The carpeted floor beneath my dusty shoe, I felt like I was committing a crime. To my right the wall was a bright yellow and black. In front of me it was shading into colours of dark blue, green and finally turning into a sunset orange. Between each strip of colour was black, highlighting the elegance of the colours.
“What do you think” Sally asked and I was trying hard to keep my emotions away. It was so beautiful. Lost in the beauty of the walls I had almost forgotten to take in the stage. A dark blue background was set behind metallic poles which gave it a very out-of-Earth look. The black and blue curtains were open.
Taking the cue from Sally I followed her up the beautiful, lighted steps to the stage. I stood there and stared ahead of me. A thousand black cushioned chairs, empty of course, stood looking at me. Across the balcony were neatly placed doors which read “Exit” with the official Exit sign. Pillars around the corners were a dark green illuminating a luminous green light from within.
I was actually standing on a stage. A real stage – at the center looking out  at a thousand seats set out in ordered rows. It was really hard to control my emotions now.
Sally let me have my time before she came to me and asked me if I wanted to go backstage. Overwhelmed by the auditorium I didn’t actually mind risking it so I just followed her into the dark backstage taking glimpses of the boards that were made to stick out of the otherwise plain balcony wall. Just as I slid behind the curtains I saw a reel and I knew it from watching “High School Musical” that this was how you draw the curtains. This was so cool – I was getting to see one in real life!
I followed Sally up the staircase as she showed me the three dressing rooms and the wash rooms to each one of them. I did not speak, instead I was storing every word and sentence Sally was saying permanently into my mind.
When she was done explaining and I was done being dumb – in the literal sense, we stood looking down upon the stage from above, outside one of the dressing rooms.
“Can you imagine doing a play here?” Sally asked intoxicated by my fantasy world.
I was swallowing words as I said “It would be so cool! This auditorium is the best thing that ever happened to our school. I thought the basketball court was cool – look at this now! It’s beautiful!”
If it hadn’t been for Sally, Josh and Frank I wouldn’t have gone close to the first row of chairs, leave alone the stage… so, I guess that means THANK YOU!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sajith
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 11:56:06

    I am Josh AND Frank? I don’t remember anyone else being there. :/


  2. shazz
    Mar 07, 2012 @ 13:45:19

    sally ?? sam ? :/


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