Where on Earth have I disappeared to?

Sajith Cassim (www.tamingwildflowers.wordpress.com) had said when I “disappeared” for some time, “I wonder where on Earth <> has disappeared to…” So this is my reply.

I’ve disappeared to a place where cats are family members. Where the entry of one into the house is an honour. In this place they are treated in the best possible of ways, with food no ordinary person can dream of. Where they sleep on cushioned couches, where they drink water with a tap on the door. One little ‘meow’ and they rush to to see if everything is alright.
I’ve disappeared to a place where teasing intermingles with speech. Where sometimes laughter speaks. Things go way out of hand and reality strikes in a matter of a few seconds. In this place beauty speaks in smiles.
I’ve disappeared to a place where the sound of a motor vehicle is so rare that little kids peep over their shattered windows just to have a look as if it might be the last beautiful thing they’ll get to see. In that place hunger and poverty fight stronger than jealousy and envy.
I’ve diappeared to a place where a person holds out his hand to pick up the fallen. After picking him up he smiles at his friend. Holes they dig together, roll together in and finally pick one another from. In this place a red flag means ‘play area’, not ‘danger’.
I’ve disappeared to a place where dignity counts for generations. A place where a fifteen year old girl and her parents are treated like the only people alive by a houseful of strangers, just for her grandfather’s sake. In this place eighty year olds stand up to welcome a teenager.
I’ve disappeared to a place where lipstick and pink – powder earn respect. People look at glamours and glitters like it would save their lives. Where hair colour means everything. In this place age is no barrier to fashion.
I’ve disappeared to a place where people can pretend to be friendly. Where they speak and act to project their mistakes and wrong-doings on the innocents. In this place onlookers believe actions and words, not the truth.
So it turns out I’ve disappeared to a lot of places and to realise that, it means I’m home. I’m in a place where everything seems normal. Where I truly feel home.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sajith
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 17:20:44

    Loving these beautiful cryptics! If you hadn’t explained this to me today, I would have been well and truly lost. Beautiful writing though!


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