Arugam Bay

Field trip to Arugam Bay: 25/26 Feb. 2011

Nothing was planned. All we knew was that we were heading to a place that we’ve only heard of, with things packed for two days. We were accompanied by two teachers, making a total of forty-one, with no way of telling where we were going or how we were going to get there. We had been so excited about the idea of staying overnight so far away from home that the idea of planning what to do once we got there was bleak.

The journey was a long nine hours with calls from home, passing around of snacks, cracking jokes, singing upbeat songs and drumming on the bongo decorated for this club alone. It was past noon by the time we reached our destination and entered what looked like a guest house. It was hard to tell for more than one reason: firstly, we were too hungry to think straight, and we were too tired from the long journey to understand anything.

We were directed to our rooms where the boys decided to change but the girls didn’t. You think I made a mistake there? No, it’s true. The only reason the girls didn’t change into fresh clothes was because most of them had brought dresses that wouldn’t ideally suit going to a temple. So much for trying to keep up with trends. So, there we were grumbling in our school t-shirts and denim about how the boys had got lucky this time.

We stuffed ourselves with a one of a kind lunch and went to a monumental place where there was also a temple. On the way we met some children our own age longing to be us for at least a moment. We spoke to them, took photographs and threw sand on one another in the dessert – like setting. We stopped when we reached a little sand hill, in full view of the waters of Arugam Bay crashing against the uneven coastline. The first words I said (yes, I remember) when I saw it were: “I never knew Sri Lanka looked this beautiful!”

We went back to our rooms, changed and took a two minute walk to the beach. The second best surfing spot in the world – of course we didn’t surf, but our time there cannot be rated in any ordinary way. We tried to be well-behaved and all that but by the time darkness fell and we were on our way back, we were all equally wet – drenching in water from head to toe. We must have been a pathetic sight to the onlookers but we, in fact were having the time of our lives!

We met for dinner at the restaurant now with different dresses (duh!) and we had a dance there. I’ve never been the party animal so I just watched the others dance and sing, videoing and snapping photos. We were then asked to get into our groups and plan for our next day’s field work … The decision was made to leave to the beach early next morning before sunrise.

Already tired, we went to our rooms. We didn’t sleep at least until 01:00 AM though: Some played UNO, some knocked on doors fooling friends. My friend and I got involved in some pranks ourselves but most of the time we played detectives (like we always liked!) where we shone our flashlight on the pranksters, until our flashlight was snatched away.

We got to bed – the five girls and as we had expected came the knocks on our door. Who else could it be than the famous prankster, the twin brother of our friend in our room? Then came more knocks. And giggling. Girls? From the next room? But the teacher was in their room too. Curious to know how they had escaped, we stepped out too. We heard the door open as the teacher came out and without a backward glance we ran to our rooms and pretended to be asleep. In the end we really did fall asleep.

The alarms ringing in our ears, we woke up and put on the t-shirts we had printed for the field trip. With sleepy eyes I came out of the room to snack on my biscuits and in no time the others in our room came out too. The boys were the last ones to wake up (pathetic!) so by the time we went to the beach the sun was already rising.

We did our survey and watched the sun rise as darkness faded. I dropped my camera into the sea and it lost it’s life (I managed to retrieve all the photos though). We went back to the beach later on and after lunch we were given some time to do whatever we found interesting. Two of my friends and I went to a nearby shop and bought ourselves some beautiful postcards of this heavenly place. We also made friends with a four year old girl and a seventeen year old boy.

The time had come to leave and our photos got wild, insane and funny. We did all we could  to make this trip the best one ever… and we succeeded without doubt. Paying our last respects to the place, we started our journey back. We had ice-cream and other snacks  on the way. The lights were switched off for us to go to sleep but hardly anyone did. We signed each others’ postcards, books and t-shirts of the memories we had created.

We reached back school at 02:00 AM with eyes that were too tired to sleep and thoughts that were too happy to think of. Through tough times, through fun times,  GEO BEE has stood as one, treating challenges like victories, and the rough times as just another page of life. We’ve created memories that would last a lifetime… all thanks to GEO BEE, and the teacher in charge. Thank you ma’am!


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sajith
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 08:54:50

    Oh the memories! I got a bit nostalgic there! All came back, crashing!


  2. Nadi
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 01:03:19

    Sounds like you guys had fun!!! 😛 Can’t wait for another trip with all my friends 😀


  3. kanzul
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 18:10:34

    This is awesome’ I enjoyed it too! Glad to have made you all happy!


  4. ravindra
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 16:08:48

    Hey zulaiha… this is splendid… you know… But you could have asked the guyz and told a bit more of the night adventures we had… total fun… and some of us slept at 3:00 am i guess.. but still alot of memories to cherish!!


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