It’s slighty more than just a game.

We’ve been asked to make the best out of what we’re blessed with… I’ve realised it has more meaning than it sounds.

It’s all just a game. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. We never know what’s to come. We make predictions though, but most of the time they’re wrong. They come, they go, sometimes with fairytale endings, sometimes not so much. And then, there are times you’re too scared to make a decision. One wrong move and it could all end, just like a game of chess… but sometimes you could also be scared that you’d mess up. Doomed, sent to jail or a wrong choice… like monopoly. Maybe we’re all too afraid to face reality, afraid to know the truth. Maybe not. Your turn comes, your heart beats fast but time waits for no one. Not me, not you, not even for those who have control over everything else. What are we then? Just a part of a game? And when we lose, is that when we die?

No, it’s not a game. It’s more than that. It’s a journey of trial and error. We learn from our mistakes and practice from our trials – but every now and then we need to use all that we’ve learnt from trial and error. You can’t always learn, you need to teach too. And that is when you realise who or what you are. It’s not about waiting for your turn, it’s about choosing your turn. And time waits for those who want it to wait for… The tests are thrown at you only because you’ve got the answers for them. We all know the answers, only we don’t think about them. We’ve got the challenges, we know how to pass them… so why not make the best out of it?


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