Back from a Break

So, I’m sitting here with teary eyes sporting a little white plaster on my arm, six days away from my Biology Unit 03 exam. Even though you can never predict what’s going to be the second question of the two questioned paper I’m still worried about not being able to sit at my study table and do something, even if that means doodling on the margins of my psychology book. So, I’m back from the doctor (the third time in 4 days) with my blood checked. I’ve been getting worse steadily. The visit to the doctor’s was pretty good, better than I thought, maybe. The best thing was that now I’m asked to stop eating milk products. It’s both good and bad. The good thing is that my mom won’t be able to try and force me to eat yoghurt, which I’m going to love. The bad thing is, I’m going to miss drinking milk these days. Never mind that now, I think I owe an explanation as to my not-so-normal blog post, in case you noticed I’m not speaking about someone I miss or some inanimate object that I fell in love with. The reason is pretty obvious: if I couldn’t muster the strength to bring myself to the computer the past four days I obviously didn’t have the strength to wreck my brain about the friend I miss or some weird situation I was put in. Really, nothing special’s been going on in my life the last week, and that doesn’t count a squirrel stealing all my clothes to build a nest in my room! Today though, I’m feeling slightly better and managed to type this here on wordpress  (even that I did it in two halves!) and I think it’s an accomplishment that I managed to post this before the end of the day. To my friends studying for the upcoming exams, good luck! Me… I guess I just needed that break.


from swerve of shore

Here are some photographs from a recent trip to Galle, Sri Lanka. It was an amazing time. The country is ridiculously beautiful and the people are crazy friendly. Except for the ones that kept trying to saddle up next to my fiance on the fort walls. But really kind of even them, in all of their misguided faltering and fumbling.

It was a quick trip. A vacation after attending our friends’ wedding in India. We arrived in Colombo at midnight, and left first thing in the morning on the train for Galle. I was walking around the station when the train started to pull out about 45 minutes ahead of schedule, so my first foray into traveling in Sri Lanka involved dashing across two rail lines and pulling myself into a moving car. And it all went uphill from there. Cliff jumpers, rooftop restaurants, men buried in sand, fully-clothed children…

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I Blow Bubbles

There’s no one to break the bubbles now…


Do you know I still think about you every evening as I blow bubbles in the backyard? Back then you used to break the bubbles I blew, now the bubbles land unbroken. As every one of those bubbles land on the grass, I think of every one of those days we spent together. These bubbles are beautiful – they are a blend of colours. They remind me of the contrasting personalities you used to have. Sometimes a little bubble would tag along with a larger one reminding me painfully of your little brother who occasionally tagged along with you to our little talks. When the few bubbles break before they come down they remind me of the dreams we had but could never accomplish. When they rise high and reflect the sun I remember running through the trees, playing in the rain and trying to put out fires together. I blow bubbles hoping that one day you’d catch them and recall what I remember everyday. I blow bubbles for you, hoping you’d remember me when you see them. I blow bubbles for you as a reminder of all the flying kisses you used to blow at me. I blow bubbles… for you.

Behind those Laughs…


They’re famous in school for being the guys of laughter – the ones who spread cheer. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind those green contacts lenses, that hige smile, those innocent dimples? Have you ever thought about it? It might be simple to say they’re the cool guys, the ones who take things simple. But no… think again. Is laughter all you see about them? Haven’t you noticed a single moment when  they’ve held responsibility? Haven’t you seen tears behind those cool white spectacles? Have you seen those beady eyes glint with excitement? You might not have but I’m sure you’ll understand. They’re human too – as much human as you and me. Laughter comes only from what they expect of life… their real griefs, sorrows, responsibilities and self-esteem come before all those cheery words. They don’t show all that but that doesn’t mean they have a perfect life. Things can hurt them too – things have turned their lives upside down too. They might not walk around show casing their real selves but they do care. Look at the day they worked together. Look at that photo and tell me what you think. Do you think that tea he was having was just to refresh himself? No, it’s more than that. He’s having that tea to start again. Hours and hours of work and still on it. He laughs but he works too. And this photo shows you he’s thinking. He’s thinking of things you and I wouldn’t think of – he’s planning in a  way fifty students put together wouldn’t be able to think of. With every sip of tea he takes he’s looking into the future. Did you think it didn’t hurt him? That nothing could hurt him? He smiles because he doesn’t want you to know that he has more to think of than you. He smiles because he accept things the way they are. Don’t you think you should too?