The Boy and The Girl

I dreamt this and I had no idea what to do with it. Ended up writing it here =)

A sixteen year old girl and a nine year old boy sat side by side on a roughly cemented staircase leading it’s way to house, in an odd hour of the cold night, barely able to make out the faces from the light that was seeping through the open windows and doors of the brightly lit insides of the house. The boy’s head rested on the girl’s shoulder and her left arm was wrapped around him. From behind them watching were a small crowd of people, so quiet that the boy and the girl were completely unaware of their presence. Tears began to flow down the pink blushed cheeks of the girl and the boy tried to wipe them away. This just made her double up crying. Tears hit her dark blue denim trouser with clear indications of where they had fallen. The boy, acting braver than he actually was, looked at her and said,
“Don’t cry Zilou, I’ll stay with you. I don’t like them either.”
Realisation had a hard hitting effect on Zilou. It was fast, she choked on her breath and held the boys head close to her and let the tears roll onto his hair. She wanted to sound clear and definite so she tried to push away whatever it was that made her feel like there was a lump of sand stuck in her throat,
“No, Al. You belong with them. You should be there, not here.”
The boy, like any other nine year old would, protested, “But I don’t like them! They are all selfish. You’re not like them, I want to be with you!”
Zilou smiled through the tears at how much he had grown up in three years and she thought it was time he received an explanation. She let go of Al’s head to look him fully in the face. Tears were now evidently making their way down his cheeks too. She held his face in both her hands and confessed her deepest fear,
“When you were small, you and I were the best-est friends of all time. You always picked me for your sister and I loved you more than anyone else could possibly love you. You had a lot to go through and I stood by you through it all. I watched the kind of action movies I hated for you, I drew pictures when I was supposed to be studying because you liked the pictures I drew. Our love was inseparable, or so we thought. When times changed and other problems were pushed in our way, we had no choice but to stay away from each other… that was the only way we could save you. But whenever you did see me, your eyes lit up just the way they used to when you and I pretended to be king and queen of our empire. I was afraid because I knew you would have been fed in with knowledge to grow to hate me, I was afraid that they had made something of you that you were truly not, and I was afraid that one day you would look at me and want to see me dead instead of wanting to play with me. But… you’ve grown up better than I expected. Surrounded by those people, you still managed to separate the good from the bad, and you made a wise decision to put me in the ‘good’ category. I’m glad you did. Today, you came as a surprise. I thought you’d look at me longingly and walk away like you always do, but when you escaped time and space to come and sit in the place you feared the most as a five year old, I knew you wanted company. This place was always what we were afraid of… ghosts, dogs and evil spirits were said to lurk around this place. Right now, we’re sitting in that very same place at such an untimely hour, and as they used to say, without the presence of someone who could fight away the spirits… because we know now that there are other things to worry about, besides ghosts and dogs. How could the boy who believed in only what I said a few years ago, grow into someone who understands reality better than his parents. But, Al, there’s one more thing you need to understand: though we truly love each other and promise to live in each other’s heart, you don’t belong to me. You belong to your family, even if they want me dead. You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Go to them now. If they ask you to never see me again, then don’t. You will be in my heart and that is all that really matters.”
The moonlight through the broken branches of a mango tree shined on his twinkling eyes matched by his blue t-shirt,
“But… but, I don’t want to go there.”
The girl, also acting brave for her age, pulled him close, knelt on her knees and kissed his forehead. “I know you love me Al, and so do I, and as long as you keep me in your heart, I’ll be fine.”
She placed her hand on the left side of his chest as if showing her presence in his heart. He stood up and dusted the pair of black shorts he was sporting.
“I love you,” he said turning away from her with teary eyes.
Zilou looked into them and said, “I love you too Al, I love you. And if you still want to, you can always show them…”
Gently, she pushed Al away from her so that he could go and find his place in his family, where he belonged. Only now did the girl notice the audience they had been attracting and for once she didn’t want to run away from them. She knew they weren’t going to interrogate about her well-beings. She sat in an empty chair as the eyes slowly turned to her. She wiped her face with the back of her hand and realised there was an arm around her. Someone had come to her side.


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