A run through of this year

Tomorrow I’ll be starting year 13 and I think I need to post something today. I want to share with all of you what this year has been.
This year (it was actually last year but the beginning of year 12) kicked off with new class teachers and a lot of new students. Those who left school were replaced with a lot of new students. While we missed those who left, we also found ourselves some good friends. My class had an addition of three boys while five girls left. The only other girl,Dullari, didn’t come to school until the beginning of September (-______- still slightly mad at you Dullari, nah I’m just kidding). By default, I was given the task of being monitor (thank you Thisun and Sajith for shining a good light on me to our class teacher before I came into the class that day) along with Kaveesh… and thankfully Kaveesh isn’t as afraid as I am of the staff room so he took total responsibility of taking and returning the class record book from our class teacher everyday.
And then came the Science Exhibition. The end result was said to be stunning but only the year 12’s knew the hardships we had to face to make it look so good. There were lots of arguments even before we started planning (it came with the division of the groups) and lots of screaming out of frustration and lots of scribbling out sketches. This gave us a good opportunity to work till we were out of breath and team work and walking into the forest next to our school to turn the half-built auditorium into the five biomes. Though it seemed very out of reach we did it and we did it well.  The highlight was definitely the waterfall, headed by Kaveesh. I built some strong friendships during these hurried preparations with people I thought just existed.
Then we got busy with studies for a while until the sportsmeet and awards ceremony. Nothing very special happened during this time so I’m not going to elaborate on it.
Some of the exciting things that happened during this year are our breaking into the year 4 class every once in a while. It was usually their break when we had physics on Thursadays and when we did have the chance, Dullari, Bimsara and I went into the primary territory. A lot of them happened to know Bimsara since he had been helping out in sportsmeet selections and stuff, a lot of them also happened to know Dullari since her cousin was in that class. Poor me, as awkward as ever, stood there hoping someone would want to be my friend. They would stare at me and ask me something and I wouldn’t know how to answer it and then they would probably think I wouldn’t make a good friend and walk away. But I did enjoy the visits. The funniest thing was when Bimsara was trying out his revenge (for no apparent reason) on Dullari through his little friends. They started calling Dullari “Archie Akki” (thanks to Bimsara) and chasing her around. I also need to credit Dullari for introducing me to a girl from that class who I may now call friend because she smiles at me whenever we cross (that’s being friends, right?)
This was also the year that our school auditorium was declared open and we had a choir festival which I failed to attend. But I did go for “The Closet”, a fashion show and it was fun seeing my friends model and  listen to Flight of Bullets (trust me when I say that the best boy band in the whole of Sri Lanka) perform their first original song “Miulasiye”
Another highlight if this year was the release of Sam’s book “In a head like mine” … you should read it if you haven’t. It’s really cool and has lots of Sam’s hilarious illustrations. Devmini was kinda mad that I got an early copy but she forgot she was mad at me at the end of the day.
We also had a really fun Halloween party even if it was a little late. To put in Sajith’s words, “she didn’t watch the movie, her bag did.” And I didn’t dance when everyone else did but I did enjoy all the fireworks.
There was also something called the “Techno Nite” where supposedly people could dance. Without doubt, I didn’t go for that.
We also had the annual “Footsal” and with it came the boys looking for girls to complete their teams. The teams had to consist of three boys and two girls and congratulations to our class team for being first runner up.
Avurudu celebrations were a lot of fun. I was the only person from the entire grade who went in uniform. The girls dressed up in sarees and the boys in national dresses. It was nice to see the school in such bright colours. The Avurudu Kumari and kumaraya were crowned and I really liked the choice of winners.
With all the busy scheduling we didn’t miss out the Food Stalls. We had a French stall and of course we did great. We had this Grape juice (secret ingredients used) which literally brought the whole crowd to our stall. Whoever who came up with the idea, I think it was initially Aaquil, great job there.
How could I have missed the class trip? It was at the very beginning and it was very very cool. We went to Trincomalee and had loads of fun in the sun, the beach and the bus. We had good food and a chance to visit the naval museum. Who would want to miss that?! Some of us got lost in the museum and were glad we found the way in the end.
We had a very interesting drama competition and it was nice to see people could really act. The clubs also had fortnight assemblies that were very educating and so much fun to be a part of.
The last assembly, though, was conducted by the 13’s. It was a very nice way of saying goodbye and they also screened a movie.
Throughout this year, we had a lot of fun and we owe much of it to our teachers. Our class teacher, also the Maths teacher was very considerate and a perfect class teacher. The Further maths sir, I heard was very interesting and fun to learn from. Biology, without doubt was a lot of fun! Chemistry was good to learn in the lab with the coloured chemicals all around us. I love how we always fell silent when the door creaked, fearing that our teacher was approaching. Physics was very very practical with lots of talk about technology and cars (Dullari and I were lost whenever this happened). Also the subject where Amruth could hide bags most skillfully. I saved psychology for the end because it was the best. It was just the nine of us and none of them are going to say I’m wrong when I say psychology was always the period we looked forward to the most. All thanks to our very understanding teacher, we could be ourselves in the psychology period. There’s witty Sajith, insane Devmini, megamind Kawishwari, Dakshaka who was caught staring at a model in the book (‘hem ‘hem), Prabath who disappeared mid way through, quiet Charles and Ravindu, Naveen to whom looks mattered the most, and then there was me who was pointed a finger at for idolising Taylor Swift and calling her my role model (Never said yes, never said no) …
My teachers won’t change next year so I’ve got nothing to worry about the fun factor, but I had to pay that tribute to them!
To me and to all my friends, have fun next year!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Devmini
    Jun 18, 2012 @ 10:51:27

    Hmmm….quite engaging ! 🙂 Practically,it’s what we did when we were in yr 12 ! A good track of events i should say….Enjoyed reading it! And ehem…thanks for calling me insane over there ! (Sarcasm included)


  2. Ravindu
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 14:18:00

    NICE… and Classy.. enjoyed it thought. And i am trying not to be too quiet it class and you too! 😀 😀


  3. ziris94
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 17:27:02

    haha love this, Has been a truly unforgettable year 🙂


  4. avXtro
    Aug 14, 2015 @ 20:12:04

    What’s this??


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