To my Brother,

To the boy who who’s seen me through it all: good, bad, nice and wicked. To the one who loved me unconditionally. To my brother.

I might have ‘blackmailed’ him, I might have ‘threatened’ him but how much he taught me through those little arguments, he’ll never know. He’s made me cry and I’ve shouted at him but if it was not for him I would have never known when to be hurt and when not to. He taught me how to defend myself when I think I’m right and he’s wrong. He said he was teaching me karate and I believed him. He taught me through this that lies could be disguised as the truth. He mocked at me for listening to the same song repeatedly but later that day he asked me the lyrics to the very same song. He gifted me the album with that song in it and said inaudibly that I shouldn’t change who I am just because someone else doesn’t agree with what I do. He slept on the grass, threw the tennis ball into the air and asked me to catch it. If I had dropped it, it would have hit his head but through this I learnt that the one who trusts their life with me is the one who loves me. He came to every one of my school events and stood besides me, and I learnt that age should never be a barrier to the love you have for your younger sister. He chased me up sand hills, I won a game of rugger against him, and we played a hell of a lot of cricket together. Through it all I learnt to share victory and accept defeat. He was not ashamed when I fell in front of all his friends, he was not ashamed to comfort a little crying girl, he was never ashamed to call me his sister… and I’ve realised how lucky I am to have him in my life.


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