Tonight’ll be great!

Tonight, two of my closest friends need to speak a few words on stage (at the biggest school event of the year) and they both confessed that they were nervous. I don’t see why they, of all people should be nervous. Last night, one of them told me again that she was nervous and I replied that she shouldn’t be but the 140 character limit on a text message didn’t allow me to say all that I wanted. So here goes:

You alone were chosen. It was you they chose, and they did it for a reason. When something so big is hosted for the first time, they obviously wanted the best… and they wanted you. So many people, a ten thousand people were looked at but it was you alone they chose. It is your turn to prove their choice right… your turn to shine. Your turn to show those who laughed at you that they were wrong. It’s your turn and it’s yours alone. Show them, go show them  all. Show your whole country what we’ve got. Make us all proud… proud to be in the same school, proud to be friends, proud that we’ve known you before them. Nothing can go wrong with those endless days of practice, the sacrifices and the determination. You missed all those lessons and an intense game of truth or dare for this reason and so you need to put all those hours of practice into work. Tonight, they would all look at you and awe at how good the two of you are at what you are doing. You’d be all dressed up and proud to be the ones on stage instead of all those other people. They would all look up to you, even want to be you. You would be role models… they’d want to spark a conversation. There’s no need you need to be afraid – because all you’ve ever done in your life is make people smile, this is just another one of those moments for you. It’s only a bit more large scale. For once, tonight, people would be listening to the one speaking… because this time the person speaking would be worth listening to. Because it would be you speaking. You’d be ready to make our school proud, and you would succeed. There’s no question about that. You would be spoken of for the rest of time… because you’re worth it.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sajith
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 05:09:47

    Erm, who will it be, compering for…what exactly?


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