We were seven years old when we spoke last.

I met my best friend from nine years ago today. He was the first friend I ever had who I could confess my secrets to and share my joys and pains. We stood there staring at each other, lost for words.

We stood facing each other, after nine long years. I don’t know what was running through your mind but I sure can guess.
Our last day competing for the same class prize: Little me, little you… seven years old, playing ‘farmers’. I was the farmer and you were a chicken (I honestly don’t remember how we came up with that!). You were making chicken sounds and I was shooing you away. We were always the quiet ones but that day we annoyed our teacher. We slowly moved out of the class into the ground outside where no one would hear us. We played a lot that day – a whole lot. Games like that don’t live anymore.
The same year, it has to be, when we had just returned from a visit to an orphanage close by and the scary thoughts made it difficult for us to think straight. We must have been mad to think we could pluck mangos from the school tree. We tried, but before we succeeded we saw one of our teachers approaching and we pretended like we were looking close at the trees. Back then we thought he believed us but now it strikes me that he was just allowing a few seven year olds have some fun.
You must have also been thinking about our games of ‘I didn’t hit you’… my friend and I made that up and at first it was a girls only thing, but in the end I managed to persuade my friend enough to get you into the game. I would hit you and say “I didn’t hit you” and run, you’d chase after me, hit me and say “I didn’t hit you”… this was what we did every morning. Now, every morning I wake up and wonder if by any chance I would run into one of my friends from nine years ago.
What about our little adventures? Remember the ‘haunted house’? When trouble came it wasn’t very haunted, was it? Planning every bit of the event, we were so certain that the house next to our school seated on the hill, was inhabited by ghosts that we didn’t even think of what would happen if any person there found out we were throwing rocks at their windows. Remember our friend who bought buns to feed the hungry adventure-minded kids and took an extra half himself because “[he] bought it”? What we did find out that day was that the house had real people – and we learnt never to mess with that house again if we weren’t to run straight into the staff room in fright. If we were asked to do that one more time, I wonder if we would even consider it.
What about the birthday cakes year after year? Your birthday was less than a month away from mine and we always brought cake. That doesn’t happen anymore. The whole class would chant “Happy Birthday” and we would blow the candles and feed cake to all our classmates.  Then the two of us would stand shoulder-to-shoulder and see if any one of us had grown during the year. We thought we never grew, but what we overlooked was the fact that we were both growing tall equally.
We had a friend who was a genius of an artist. Our new art teacher refused to believe that it was him who drew a tiger that looked so much like a photograph. Our classmates pressurized the two of us that anyone would believe anything if the two of us said something. So we gave it a go, and she did believe us. Do people still believe anything you say, I wonder.
Every morning we used to run up the small hill above our school but somehow we dreaded the “P.E” periods because we would be asked to run around our school thrice. Once during a game of dribbling a basket ball, I remember jumping over the “other team’s” ball and you cheered me for that massive lead for our team. Then on another day we were chasing each other and I fell. There was a huge gash on my elbow and it’s still visible. Everytime I look at it I remember what I used to be like with my friends around, and I often wonder if you guys are still the same too. It was the very same day, right after my fall that we had a period of “Computing studies” and our teacher was absent. To escort us to the computer lab was a sir who we knew to be teaching a subject that seemed Greek to us. It turns out his subject was not Greek, but French. And right now, he’s in the same school as mine, and I’ve learnt French from him for four years.
There was once when we were learning about clothes, we had to draw pictures of clothes and write what they are next to them. You forgot to do that, along with the rest of the class. When the teacher appreciated my work, unlike most of the others you said I was a good student. I might not have thanked you back then as a six year old, so here goes: Thank you!
After nine years, we were now facing each other again and my mind was forcing all these thoughts into me. Back then we promised through untold words never to depart, never to let those games end, and never to let each other lose any battle. A lot of things put us apart but through all those flashbacks what I do know now is that… those stories will never end, those battles will never be lost, and we would never see either one of us depart, because distances may put us apart but our old selves live in our hearts. One thing I need an explanation for, though, is how you grew so tall. I thought we would both be the same height forever. And that forever meant the longest forever – now you stand towering me, but somewhere deep within… we are still the same seven year olds playing ‘farmers’.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ziris94
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 17:28:58

    You mentioned this in school 🙂 Meeting old friends is awesome btw. Thumbs up!


  2. Amalan
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 14:02:24

    i wish i could go back to those days one last time 🙂


    • littleshygirlmadehappy
      Oct 13, 2012 @ 14:36:26

      And so do I… those were days when we thought we were detectives enough to run into a haunted mansion, when we thought we were smart enough to figure out the right from the wrong, a time when mangoes were ghosts and classmates were either best friends or baddies. Back then, on one day, when the entire class was mad at me for submitting my homework, there were two people who stayed back without going to the ground to play. They were a seven year old you and a seven year old boy who I’ve never seen since. The mere act of staying from playing for one’s friend tells a whole lot of stories. It must have been hard for you to watch your friends play but that decision you made was entirely yours. The two of you chose me for a friend and that is one of the greatest feeling I will ever have. To know that my friends still live. I wasn’t intending on typing all of this but seeing a comment from a person I haven’t really spoken to in nine years sure did make me think back on those days. I wish I could go back to those days one last time as well, but knowing that I can’t I contend myself by saying that I’ve had the best childhood anyone could ever have. All thanks to my friends 🙂


  3. Amalan
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 13:25:34

    well i guess i made a very great decision back then cause now i have a great friend. i’m happy to be a part of your childhood and you in mine. 🙂


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