Thank You

I must be sounding really pathetic but Thanks anyway

Thank you for making me smile for an instant – for a moment I was able to escape the humdrum of the busy schedule we’ve all been forced into. Thank you for allowing me to write something that actually made sense in my diary… that is, besides the little grumblings that come and go every morning in school. Thank you for stopping by my class when you could have just walked away ignoring a lonely girl looking out of the window. Thank you for showing appreciation at my compliment. I don’t know if you meant it… you must have heard it a lot – after all, you deserve to be complimented more than anyone else for what you did that night. Thank you for lending me your book to write a web address – my pencil was needing some warming up anyway. Thank you for saying “Thank you” when I had to be the one thanking you. Thank you for ignoring my insanity and looking at me like any other normal person. Thank you for distracting me from the troubles I had to face for the rest of the day. Thank you for reading this and still not changing your opinion about me. Thank you.


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