Keep throwing rocks at me… you’re only making me stronger. And to those still concerned, this post… is just a post. Nothing’s happened to me.

Those rocks you throw at me aren’t going to shake me. I’ve had bigger rocks thrown at me, I’ve had my bones broken, I’ve had tears flowing down my cheeks, so those little imposters you put up aren’t going to break me. You can never break me so don’t bother trying. It’ll only hurt you. The last thing I’d want to see is to see you hurt so I think it’s time you stopped. Stop playing your pranks, stop throwing things at me, stop making my dunk everytime I see you. If it’s my life you want, I’ll give it but you can never take my spirits away because you’re not strong enough to do that. You can laugh about me being feeble but you don’t understand that I’m much stronger than you in the inside. I’m strong enough to hold on whereas you can only try to bring me down. My definition of strength is not being able to bring someone else down, but being able to hold on when all you’ve got are bruises and scars from the past you’ve been put through. I’m following my definition of strength, and all I can say is that you’re weak. Why do you want to pick on someone else when you can stop and look at how beautiful things can be. I don’t understand, yet I do. If you’re that desperate, then take it. Take what you want. But there’s a difference. I’m giving it away, so I win anyway. I’ll never let you steal who I am because who I am is something you’re yet to find out. Those rocks you throw at me aren’t going to shake me… because you’ve thrown bigger rocks at me and I’ve survived. You’ve thrown craters, you’ve thrown the entire world on me and I’ve survived. I lived through it with bruises and scars that remind me of you, but the only thing you did to me is provide me with strength that I could have by no other means acquired. You keep doing what you’re doing, and you’re only making me stronger. And right now, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before.


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