“Blue eyes”? No, just contact lenses. P.S: This is yet again about you-know-who, so I kindly request of you not to speculate things that are not.
On a more positive note, I’m really exited about something for tomorrow. I’ve been excited since the day I received a telephone call from one of my friends. It all comes to place tomorrow. I don’t know why I typed that here -________-

All I see when I look are your blue eyes,
They are callous, as cold as ice.
All I hear when I listen is your voice,
The curses and all the unkind noise.
All I smell around is your presence,
The lies and all the wrong reasons.
All I sense when I touch is your feel,
Coloured fingernails as strong as steel.
All I can taste is your poison in my mouth,
Waiting to kill me, to shut me down.

Where are the eyes that were warm and welcoming?
Where are the eyes those spoke when there was warning?
Where is the voice that once spoke with love and care?
Where is the voice that told me nightmare after nightmare?
Where is the smell of surprises cooking in the kitchen for me?
Where is the presence that told me you would always be?
Where is the feeling I felt every time I entered your room?
Where is the feeling that ensured there was no doom?
Where is the taste of burnt tomatoes and roasted marshmellows?
Where on Earth are those beautiful smiles and better hellos?

We had our times when we could,
We did everything we should.
Now it’s too late to wish for the times gone,
Just like the radio, it’s now another song.
The flowers have now dries and the leaves have fallen,
I’ve had many vain attempts to fix what was broken.
I guess we’re left with what remains to us today,
Feels like you told me you loved me only yesterday.
But do things really have to be this way?, ask yourself…
Think again and if I’m wrong I’ll correct myself.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ziris
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 17:13:42

    roasted marshmallows!!!!! 😀


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