A Few People

Besides my mom, dad and brother there haven’t been many people who’ve been very easy for me to read. So when I do meet someone I think I can read, I get pretty excited.
Away from my rattlings, school starts tomorrow. School’s always filled with a lot of events and so I guess I’m in for another term full of fun-filled activities. This includes the class trips, the sports meet, the swimming meet, the awards ceremony and the drama competition. I, obviously, wouldn’t be part of all these activities but it’s always fun to help your friends out.

To forget everything for a moment, to look into a reddened eye and say that everything’s going to be alright, to sit in silence and listen to a song that reads our minds… that’s what makes it all beautiful. Even if it’s only for a short time, if you can escape time and space… that’s what I call being myself. To breathe in the warmth of being surrounded by people who care and to chase away the doubts about what’s right and what’s wrong is something that makes me feel good. I fall in love with moments like these. Only smiles, only laughter, only hopes, no steep falls to worry about. As cold as it may be outside and as rainy as it will ever get, you’re still warm when you’re with those few people who’d stay next to you no matter what. That’s when you feel what a smile really means… when you know the meaning behind it all, when a grin is only a grin. It’s all so easy to understand because you don’t have to look through. For once there’s someone in front of you who is only what they appear to be. No confusions to untangle, no thick skin to look through. And it’s when you’re with these few people that you forget everything for a moment and just be yourself. That’s when I feel myself.


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