I will show them

Sometimes the best feeling in the world makes you sad. This time, it is how much they love me that saddens me. Listen to “Ronan” by Taylor Swift in the meantime.

Silent tears in the shapes of love and laughter stream down my cheeks. Will they ever know? Will they ever care? I’m sure they’d care if they found out, but will they ever find out? They only would if they read this… but they are not going to. So, this is a story they’ll never know, a story they thought never got in to me, and a story they are never going to care about.  But I’ll fight till I’m out of breath, till I see through the dark clouds, till they see it as clearly as I do. The path, the only path and the right one. I’ll fight till I reach it and I’ll make sure they fight alongside me. I’ll be the difference, I’ll be the change, I’ll be the one strong enough to show them all. Do I sadden their souls? Am I part of the reason for unasked troubles? I’ve always been taught to fight for the right thing and that is exactly what I’m doing…  so why the tears? Why the mistakes? Why the hard times? One reason. Just one… nothing comes easy to you. The best prices are those which you fight for.


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