I thought I saw a girl I know walk alongside the swimming pool

Annual inter-house Swimming meet today… When I was there this happened:

I thought I saw a girl I know walk alongside the swimming pool. It was hard to say if the pool was reflecting the spotless sky, or if her eyes reflected the pool. They were equally bright and equally welcoming. A hundred eyes were looking at her but she looked back at none, for she knew better than to be nice to people who only pretended to be nice to her. Someone from a distance screamed out her name and I think it was the name that inspired me. Beautiful. Just beautiful. She turned her head slowly as she still kept walking straight. Then she smiled at the distant pavilion pride in her eyes. Turning her eyes back to her path, she walked on. The water in the swimming pool bubbled as tiny drops of water fell from the sky from a single fast-moving cloud that had now made its way right above her. She looked up at the sky, squinting her eyes from the blazing sun. It was funny how it could drizzle on such a sunny day, just the way how so many ill thoughts could be thought about a girl like her. I was only one of those few hundred people who watched her. As she reached the end of the twenty-five meter pool, slowly people started turning back to their friends and starting conversations from where they ahd left off. I, for one, didn’t have anyone to speak to but even if I had someone to speak to, I would rather keep quiet than make an awkward conversation. So, I watched. The faintly familliar girl reached the announcers table and spoke. A few words must hvae been exchanged but the expression on her face didn’t change a single bit. The beautiful combination of honesty and confusion. People must have seen me watching the girl but no one bothered to tell me anything… for a moment. My instincts told me that it wasn’t very nice to stare at a person for long, but all I was really doing was recording every moment of the event in my mind for my blog so that someday she might come across this and read it. Maybe I’d be able to make her smile. She walked back the twenty-five meters, now without the drops of water pecking at her face, and once again people looked. She’d make her way to a few diaries, I thought. She walked all the way back and to where I was standing alone… When she was a few feet away from me, a huge banner covered the view of her face from mine. I looked at the banner as if I could see right through it. Then the very same face of the girl I saw walk alongside the swimming pool looked from under the banner. I bent down too. She waved at me… a few people turned around to look at me and I ignored the questions they must have had on their minds. I might have known her afterall.


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