Ramblings (Yes, again!)

Wrote this last night at 10:00 pm. Skip the introduction if you want to. This is basically what’s going on in my life right now… we had the presentation and I realised that I’m actually improving on speaking to crowds (crowd = 4 friends and my teacher). Besides that, today, I accidentally dropped a chair on one of my friends and I know it must have hurt him even if he pretended like it didn’t. Also, today, we had squad practices (sports meet coming up) and my classmates were screaming their heads off commanding us. I was afraid of them (they were so loud) but I was very respectful for how much effort they were putting in to see our house win. Under 7, under 9 and under 11 selections took place today and I watched my friends handle the little kids. It was nice watching tall figures amongst little ones, holding hands… I captured memories like photographs in my head. One day, maybe, they’d ask me if I remember the day they had the under 9 selections… and maybe then I’d tell them how nice it really looked from where I was.

My brain’s too tired to think, my eyes too tired to read
That is exactly when my writing skills are in need.
Not that I have any, maybe I don’t…
But bragging about something that isn’t, I won’t.

Notes of chemiosmosis, numbers of ATP molecules,
My thoughts have been scattered around in granules.
A distant voice of a teenaged girl rings in my ears,
My eye lids droop and for a moment I forget my fears.

Tomorrow would start a good new day,
A lot to hear and a little to say.
“Forward March” would be said time and again
And my presentation might not keep them sane.

Tonight I’ll refill my energy with some sleep
To speak to remnants of memories of a girl who thinks me to be a creep.
I hope I’d be free from nightmares,
Enough is done with their persistent stares.

I wonder where my friends are: homework or asleep?
They’ve trusted me with numerous secrets to keep,
Should I wake them up, it’s ten,…
To show what I’ve written about them?

Maybe I should just go to bed right now.
Tomorrow’s going to be different, but I wonder how…
Sleep would stop, temporarily, my ramblings…
But thanks anyway for stopping by, stalking or stumbling.


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