Dudley – Rise to Power

Dudley – Rise to Power.
You have no clue how good it sounded when it was announced as purple banded wrists raised to the command.

On the day before the sports meet I slipped in stupid notes of why it doesn’t really matter if we win the house cup or not.

These were the bags that I slipped the notes into (in order):
01. The School Games Captain (Boy)
02. The School Games Captain (Girl)
03. The House Captain (Boy)
04. The School Head Boy
All of these people are from Dudley.

The two games captains saw the notes at school itself (in my presence) and instantly they knew it was me.
The boy turned to me straight away and said “It was you right? Gotcha! Haha”
The girl looked my way and smiled and I quickly turned away as if I didn’t know about it at all. A week later, in my presence, she held out the paper in front of her and I smiled to myself.
On the day of the sports meet the school head boy walked to me and asked “Princesses and Dragons, huh?” Later the very same day his sister asked me if it was me who had put that into his bag. I nervously said, “Yeah, that was me.”
It was only after I asked our house captain if he had seen it that he even knew that there was something out of place in his school bag. When he did see it the next day and told me so I asked him what he thought. He said, “I thought you were mad. Did you write so much for all four? Don’t you have anything else to do?” The honesty made me smile.
Two weeks later The School Head Girl told me that she was disappointed how she didn’t get a note when she happened to be in the same house too. I told her, “You weren’t supposed to see it.” I know that was kind of mean but I didn’t know any better way to react.

When I joined this school in 2004, they told me I was in Dudley. They told me it was the best house. They told me Dudley was the one house that stayed strong to the end. They were right. It’s 2012 now and never a moment has Dudley failed to make me proud. I’m not exactly an active member in the sports meet but I’ve always been there to support my house (even if I haven’t said that aloud – I hardly say anything aloud :P)… I’m glad that on the day I joined school, my name was classified to Dudley. I’m glad that I was a part of it all.

P.S: To all those people in Dudley who actually worked hard to see victory (unlike me), they were paid off well with the things they have to look back on. It’s not about victory, it’s about the memories created.

P.P.S: Credits to our house captain who designed the house badge.


“Connecting the Dots”

Game one: ‘Zee’ won against ‘Z’
Game two: ‘Zee’ won against ‘Z’ and ‘K’

Game three: ‘K’ won against ‘Z’, ‘Zee’ and ‘A’

Z (blue)
K (Green)
Zee (Red)
A (Black)

A funny conversation during the game (before ‘A’ joined). ‘S’ and ‘N’ and ‘Am’ were watching us playing. ‘S’ and ‘N’ were doing some math.

Zee: “Ah! I’m so distracted! What’s wrong with me?!”
Z & K: *Together* “Who’s here?”
Z: “We said that together! <S>, <Zee>’s distracted.”
S: “So?”
Z: “You’re here.”
N: “<Z>, you’re also here.”
Z: “Yes, you’re also here.”
Zee: “<N> is jealous.”
Z: “About what? Oh please!”
*Z makes incredibly stupid move*
K: “Guess who’s distracted?”
N: “See?”
Z: “Guess I was. So much for being distracted”
*K goes on a victory rampage*

P.S: I still don’t understand why clockwise isn’t the way I think it is.

Right now,

I’m listening to ‘Red’ by Taylor Swift

-Thinking of  particular people

-Which makes me wonder if there’s someone thinking of me right now

-And that I doubt, because everyone must be having something better to do

-I’m still enjoying the fact that I heard the sound of a new mail

-And thinking back on a conversation I had at school

-And laughing at how my friends said I’d die if ever Taylor Swift walked into the physics lab saying my name

…. I feel stupid and I don’t know what to say.

Begin Again – Taylor Swift


“You throw your head back laughing like a little kid”


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