“Connecting the Dots”

Game one: ‘Zee’ won against ‘Z’
Game two: ‘Zee’ won against ‘Z’ and ‘K’

Game three: ‘K’ won against ‘Z’, ‘Zee’ and ‘A’

Z (blue)
K (Green)
Zee (Red)
A (Black)

A funny conversation during the game (before ‘A’ joined). ‘S’ and ‘N’ and ‘Am’ were watching us playing. ‘S’ and ‘N’ were doing some math.

Zee: “Ah! I’m so distracted! What’s wrong with me?!”
Z & K: *Together* “Who’s here?”
Z: “We said that together! <S>, <Zee>’s distracted.”
S: “So?”
Z: “You’re here.”
N: “<Z>, you’re also here.”
Z: “Yes, you’re also here.”
Zee: “<N> is jealous.”
Z: “About what? Oh please!”
*Z makes incredibly stupid move*
K: “Guess who’s distracted?”
N: “See?”
Z: “Guess I was. So much for being distracted”
*K goes on a victory rampage*

P.S: I still don’t understand why clockwise isn’t the way I think it is.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ziris94
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 05:22:06

    Haha Even my penguin’s in the picture πŸ˜€


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