Good luck to my friends and to anyone else sitting for any exam tomorrow or in this week! 🙂


It feels like the case study days…
Up late, chatting, planning, country music and scanning…

ICT / BC – who doesn’t miss the hard times?


I don’t know what to say… I’m so stoked.

Words have made me cry, words have made me laugh and words have helped me get through bad times… but right now,
words have moved me to tears and I’m crying and smiling all at once. My hand is shaking and I feel so surreal and speechless. I’m hyperventilating and trying  to keep my hands steady as I type this. The words… they’ve made me smile for today and for forever.


This specific game of hide-and-seek was in 2011. I wrote this exactly a year later (about seven months ago). With the exams coming up again, I was reminded of this when we had two free periods today. I searched for this and thought maybe I should share it.
P.S: Avoid running around school if you during school hours if you’re to avoid trouble.

I’d never forget the day we ran around the unexplored school trying to find a place to hide when we were lost ourselves. Almost a year after we had come to the new building we still couldn’t figure out the many hidden paths it held. And here we were trying to play hide and seek when we didn’t know where to hide and where to seek. It just made the game more enjoyable. The seekers were two girls and two boys and the rest of our class hid. I was one of those who sought and it was quite enjoyable spontaneously bumping into one of those people hiding, both lost, both confused. That day, we had no pressure on us, no one stop us, no one say we couldn’t do it. With the exams a few weeks away and having two periods free after so long we had all planned to hide ourselves rather than hide our bags. The rules were that no one could hide in the washrooms. Besides that we all knew we shouldn’t get caught to any one of the teachers. Our center was good because we were crouching beneath the walls of the library and people hardly visit the library, so we were almost free. We were aware of the fact that the librarian would keep an eye on us and so we were a little extra careful. What we were certain about was that the two periods we were free: geography and English, the teachers would not come. One was absent, the other was in a meeting. The odds were in our favor so we started running around the building. We split up to search and my friend and I ended up going to the wrong place. We didn’t know how we got there but when we did we were lost. We were in the primary building and had no clue as to how we could go out of there. Looking at the wrist watch, I realised that the time for two periods was over and we were supposed to have French. Again, miraculously, we found a way out when we didn’t know how. Sweat pouring down our cheeks and panting we rand to the French room. All our friends were only arriving and our French sir looked at us suspiciously. He didn’t ask us but I presume he figured out. We took a lot of risks that day but what if we hadn’t? We  would have just stood for two periods speaking of the same things we’ve been speaking for so long: the upcoming exams… I think, right now, what exactly we need when we have the free periods in school is to take some risks. All we do now is sit and speak about exams, revising and the same thing on repeat. The most interesting our conversations can get now is the content of our subjects. I wouldn’t want to look back and realise how boring our lives have been – how about another game of hide and seek?


Beautiful shadows from an ugly source. It kills me time and again. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who notices them…

Walls. Pale yellow walls. What stands on the other side, I’ll never know but what happens there, I hear every bit of it. Shadows fall on the walls blocking out patches of beautiful yellow lights. The very same shadows block out patches of your life from mine… We’re so close, yet so far away. I can sense your presence, hear your voice and feel your heart beating. We connect in the weirdest of ways… you look through to see me but I’m not there. When I look back, the doors are shut, the lights are switched off and you bid farewell to someone I can’t see. I’m locked, I’m safe, no one can hurt me here but no one knows what stands on the other side of the wall. The sharp gaze, the  piercing voice and the love for hate. Do you wish to entertain me or is it that you’re trying to kill my soul so that you can feed on the little joy that’s left of me? The sounds… the peculiar sounds, even more peculiar since I know where it comes from seeps through the very walls that shadow us and make their way into my ears… they run into my body and flow through my veins. I can feel the coldness spread across me as I lose hold of myself. I want you to make it stop but what good are silent tears to a filtered eye? Do my cries kill you as much as your laughs kill me? The lights are gone… and so have the shadows.

The Psychology Class

Doodling in the psychology period.


Signs that I’m never going to move on… Never mind, we all know we ‘sometimes’ like to think of things that are too out of reach. Someone asked me to post something today, so here:

Sometimes I try to make sense of it all,
Of what should have been and what’s gone.
Sometimes the picture’s too confusing to look into,
For is it about us, or is it just about you?

Sometimes I paint pictures on a spotless sky.
I think of you and I wonder how and why.
Sometimes the picture’s fall right off,
That’s when the good and evil morph.

Sometimes I speak to stars and forget the world,
listen to them and watch them herald.
Sometimes I watch them smile in silence,
Why the faking, why the violence?

Sometimes I capture photographs for future,
Regretting the past is only human nature.
Sometimes I miss out on what’s going on right now,
Too caught up in what’s lost, why and how.

Sometimes I secretly wish you were here,
I’d scream out loud if you could hear.
Sometimes my wishes are granted but badly,
For when you are here I look away sadly.

Sometimes I read what we wrote a decade ago.
Back then we didn’t know there was more.
Sometimes that decade feels a little too far away,
To know there was a past or to wish you would stay.


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