At least one person misses my posts (you weren’t lying, were you?) but I must disappoint them again. Lately I’ve been talking about random things that include games played at school, throwing notes into bags and raindrops. To some this would be a good thing – because it might mean that I’m finally not weeping over what’s lost. This may not be true but I am most definitely improving. As of lately, people have cheered my life a lot. I’ve heard things that I’ve only thought I’d hear in my dreams. Things on my bucket-list have come true (these are things I’ve wanted to hear too), I’ve smiled a lot at the fact that I’ve been able to make people smile… but, I’m still the same boring person I used to be. I guess that would never change (and I like it that way). So, in case you were wondering what’s been going on in my life over the past few weeks: well I’ve been meddling with metal, cutting open bottles of correction ink and doing things that you might not exactly approve of… that’s alright, because those who care still do and those who don’t will never do.


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