Talk about Sixty

One teacher, Two girls, Four boys, One laptop at work, Lots of paper lying about, Incredible amounts to think about. There was one conversation that one of the four boys asked me to put up in my blog. It was about what each one of us would do when we’re old and in our sixties. Three people answered before I suggested that at sixty we should revisit this memory of ourselves speaking about the future in the past. One of three was me. The same boy said “How about we write a story now about how at sixty we would write about us speaking about what we’d do at sixty…” He went on but I couldn’t actually follow the rest. I just said “That’d be pretty confusing.” I think I’ll be what I told the teacher, the other girl, the four boys and the bits of paper lying about I’d be… but I know one more thing I know I will be… I will be missing pointless conversations with people slightly older than me, in a air-conditioned room in a corner of the school, filling in application forms and freaking out about deadlines… because whatever that’s going to happen with our forms – successful or not, by sixty, we would all have stopped worrying about it.
What would you want to be doing at sixty?


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