Basketball for a Beginner

A basketball,a school holiday, two girls, three boys and an incredibly stupid beginner (that was me, by the way).

My friend and I were watching three boys and a girl play basketball. We were speaking about the upcoming exams when one of the three boys ran to us and pleaded again for us to join them. We tried to argue back as to why it would be pointless but this time it was the way he was asking us that we couldn’t say no. The other three were also waiting, watching… The two of us dragged our feet to the basketball court laughing about how useless we really are at things like this (But in reality, my friend is like a genius at sports). We stood in a circle with a basketball as if we were going to play one of those games we played in grade one and still do. The same boy stepped forward and said, “The two of you are the captains. Select your teams!” We exchanged glances and instantly cracked up laughing. The others seemed to have known it coming. They weren’t ready to listen to our arguments so we went ahead and chose our teams. Then they taught us how to play… I could have never been that patient in teaching an idiot like me to play basketball. The game was played in slow motion, pausing and playing, all depending on how I took the game. I was the Rate Determining Step. It was I who didn’t know the game at all and it was me they were all teaching. I did as they wanted and instead of being annoyed, they were actually happy. Allowing the three boys and the girl to play, my friend and I walked away from them after they accepted our request to leave. I was smiling, my friend was smiling, they were all smiling. Their game was just about to begin, in the teams that we had assigned for them. A lot of people have done a lot of thoughtful things for me, this is a definite addition to the list. Thank you for all of it.


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