Sam is sitting next to me as I type this. We were having a blog managing session. We played table tennis and we are about to again. This should be fun. Earlier this day, Sam won against me (-_______-) but I was really good compared to what I thought of myself, but maybe it was just that Sam is as bad as me.  We had fun today (err… kinda) listening to music from the 60’s and trying to figure out the difference between ‘Art Work’ and ‘About’. I sound mad and I’m having a feeling that Sam thinks I’m mad too. Anyway, this post is for Sam to know how my blog works (She’s watching this). Allow me to let Sam explain this in her own words,

Hello Zulaiha blog followers! this is sam….er….hi 🙂 zulaiha has lost her mind….officially. I kinda have too…no probs…table tennis awaits!!!!! and I brought popcorn 😛 hope we get to eat it…(hint zulaiha!)

This is Zulaiha back again… Sam, hint taken.

We got to go now… there’s a game I need to settle with Sam.



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  1. Devmini
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 10:27:06

    ha ha ….that’s a nice post …:) hope sam understood how to create her own blog now ! lol


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