They Smiled

I wrote this a few days back and was unsure if I wanted to post it (I don’t know why) so I sent it to a friend of mine with the message “I dunno, maybe you’d like this. should I put it up on wordpress?” … His reply was, “YES YES MY GOD YES! šŸ™‚ ” …It’s about something I witnessed that was too beautiful to be written in words. From the moment I watched my two friends speak in the evening glow of sunlight I’ve been trying to write it but the words never seemed to do justice to the dream-like moment. These words aren’t good enough too but I’m posting it anyway since my friend said I should:

Sunlight, the colour of golden syrup, lit up the room. A broken cupboard, the darkest of brown reflected the light the open windows had already reflected onto them. Their brows furrowed, they passed around papers with blue and red inked lines crossing each other casually. The blue of her jacket showed a little pink badge that had a number eight printed on it. The blue chair, the blue chair that they all loved. She sat there, as usual. This time they didn’t laugh, they only complained and worried. They had no clue how beautiful it looked as they were involved in their woes about time. It was the orange that made the room look like a sunset in the beach that they overlooked. Yellow curtains, yellow lights, yellow table with touches of orange but it still looked magnificent, like honey from Winnie the pooh stories. The beautiful kind. I was so lost in the beauty of it all that I didn’t notice it the first time they spoke to me. The second time they did, I looked up and didn’t answer their question. I was supposed to be as worried as them but it was hard to do that when everything looked so beautiful. Instead of answering the question I told them why I was smiling like I did. I told them that they looked beautiful with the sunlight falling on to their hair and the blue and red lines of ink looked like a whole new explanation. At first they looked at me like I had gone mad but then when I told them that I wouldn’t have missed how it looked for anything and when I told them that I had been saving the picture in my mind, they smiled. They turned around and looked at their own reflection in the glass of the broken cupboard.They must have realised how nice it all looked. They looked at me. They smiled.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. melon03
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 13:49:11

    Awesome. Not all people have eyes to see beauty like this. Happy to know that one of my best friend has it. šŸ˜€


  2. khaula naxir
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 15:52:45

    That’s a masterpiece.Really.


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