Poison Presented with Pearls

At some point it all gets a little confusing… and then we realise that we’ve been doing nothing but living their plan.

Neatly packed, maybe even with a bow on top. So beautiful it seems but what lies beneath it, only the one who packed it will know. It could be evil packed in a box that looked full of goodness, it could be poison sealed in vials that looked like cordials, or it could have simply been well wishes in an envelope that suited it’s purpose. They were all aligned, equally designed even… but there was one among them that was in disguise. It wasn’t mere chance who picked the right one, it was planned and well-thought of. A plan so good that it took minutes to plan but years to uncover the plot. The wrong present was meant to be accepted by all but they were taught to expect the good one as well. The plan was to present them all with the wrong thing. No one else knew, none but the ones involved. There was confusion and debate while someone in the crowd silently laughed at it. Unaware, they all reached forward and picked their rightful parcels. They did it together, they thought they would all get the same present like it used to be in kindergarten for Christmas. They were wrong. While they wished for the same thing, the presenter wished a few to topple and fall and choke on their breath. They wanted few to see the pot of gold. The innocent souls reached out and opened up their boxes together, brought so close by the minute’s strangeness. While a few were too busy beaming at the surprise they had just received, they had failed to notice that their friends had disappeared already.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ziris94
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 16:19:44

    When i first read the title it reminded me of the part in Harry Potter when Katie Bell get’s the cursed necklace from Malfoy 😀


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