Season’s Spirits and Shooting Stars

Shooting stars had illuminated the sky right above me… I wasn’t told till the next morning. It’s almost Christmas and everyone’s making plans for the holidays… will we even be thought of as they drown in laughter and speak about happily-ever-afters?

I guess you’re having fun, the fears must be gone by now. The speakers must be blowing in full volume and beautiful words must be flowing across the rooms, cheery laughs and sounds of video games and racing cars. Cuddling, accents and season’s spirits. You must be standing next to people you’ve only seen in photographs before and making small talk with them. You must be making new friends, exchanging stories and laughing about times you forgot. Do the remnants of the stories that your parents talk about remind you even faintly of me? Do I cross your mind? Did you ever stop and wonder how I miss all what you are doing right now? I wonder if you told them about me, or if they asked about me… Have the Christmas plans been finalised yet and have you gladly excluded me from them? I’m an outcast to what you call togetherness, and why, I’ll never know. Shooting stars passed right across you and you all made wishes upon them. We wished for this moment ever since we heard about what shooting stars look like, and when the moment was  finally here, you just decided to ignore me and make the wish all for yourself. I never got to see them, but I know you did. I don’t know what you wished for but I know what I would have wished for if you had dared to tell me that the night sky was glistening with them. I would have wished for us, not for me and not for you… I would have wished for us.

P.S: This is my 111th post, and I dedicate this to the ‘Numetrical Number’ duo


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