The stars saved me again

I could hear the wind crashing against tall walls, the breeze innocently creeping in through the curtains, and I could almost hear the shivers when the dogs barked. I couldn’t see it but I knew the colour of the outside. I had no time to look up, no time to let my mind wander away. It was irresistible but I pulled back myself every single time I thought of glancing sideways. I managed to keep myself away from looking at the sky for almost two hours, then I came out of the hall with ordered tables along with my friends. We were worried. We had all just been defeated by the chemistry paper, but there was still one more thing that could still make me feel hopeful. I looked up at the sky and like I always do, I said, “The sky looks beautiful.” There was one star that stood out from the rest, it was bright and different. It was… beautiful. For the first time in two hours I smiled. “Look at that star… that star… looks beautiful!” It was so beautiful that I could have cried. I looked at the star as if my life depended on it… I forgot the fears and the feeling of loss. There was only one thing on my mind, it was a feeling of gratitude intermingled with the best emotions in the world. The stars had saved me again.


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