The Short Journey

It was a long run… but a fun one. I missed two periods and half of my break, I got drenched in the rain and I faced lightning face-to-face. I stayed at school when the outside was oddly dark for the hour and shivered as the lights went out. I stayed up recalling words I had heard and putting them together to make sure one more time that I had read them right. I had at least ten telephone calls one day, and a dozen text messages all from the same person. I liked how busy we were… up late, chatting, scanning, listening to songs and teasing lightly. Worries, even the little talks after school were fun: the arguments, the decisions, the chaos, the painful task of filtering what had to be. I loved every bit of it. I ran the stairs up, down, and up again. I tired my legs and brain but my friends held me through it. The staircases never seemed to end, but we ran through them. I thought I’d die with a lightning strike that day but when I got home I knew I was alive. I always wanted to know what it would feel like at a moment like this and I knew exactly how it felt that day. I was able to smile through all the troubles life tried to throw at me. I made better friends, I did more of the things I loved to do. I gained courage and I gave the only thing I could. I felt good about myself, and when I didn’t my friends made sure I did. It was all fun… the joy, the laughs, the calls, the mistakes, the runs, the moments where we sat in silence letting time decide the rest of it. It was all worth it… it was worth the memories it’s created. This memory one of the few places I can visit and revisit and still smile about. My friends… well, I’ve said this about a thousand times but they’re amazing!


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